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    Three Airbus Pack Plus Expansion

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    Meng Yu

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    Before I Begin

    This is another old product by CLS, which I thought needs to be further promoted here on FlightSim.Com. This aircraft is originally from the "CLS - 3 Airbus Pack" add-on. I found this package to contain four aircraft: the A300-600, the A300-600ST Beluga, the A310-200 and the A310-200F, not forgetting the A310-300F. I will be doing the same thing I did for the DC-10 review: focus on one model. I personally find the A310-200 interesting to fly, so I'll focus on that add-on. As with my usual format, we'll start off with some background information on the A310-200.


    Background Information On The Aircraft

    The Airbus A310 is a medium- to long-range twin-engined wide body jet airliner. Launched in July 1978, it was the second aircraft to enter production by Airbus Industries, the consortium of European aerospace companies which is now owned by EADS. The A310 is a shortened derivative of the A300, the first twin-engined wide body airliner.

    The first A310, the 162nd Airbus off the production line, made its maiden flight on 3 April 1982 powered by the earlier Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D1 engines. The -200 entered service with Swissair and Lufthansa a year later. Also the late series -200 featured wing-tip fences identical to those of the A310-300.

    Manufacturer: Airbus
    Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4D1
    Two General Electric CF6-800A3
    Fuselage Length: 153 feet (46.66m)
    Max Speed: 484 kt
    Cruising Speed: 459 kt
    Range: 3670 nm


    Airbus aircraft are different from Boeing aircraft in that they tend to be more computerised, and computer orientated. However, this aircraft is different from the "stereotypical" Airbus. This is an aircraft which has an analog cockpit, minimal computers, and is indeed one of the first varients of aircraft Airbus ever built. In this review, you will see no fancy glass cockpit instruments, but instead a cockpit that would remind you of the earlier 707.


    First Impressions

    The first impressions of this product are that it is an OK product, nothing too surprising or out of the ordinary, and in general, just a simple plane. Those of you who want "PMDG standard" planes, this aircraft would not be for you. This aircraft is also under the "F-lite" series of planes on Just Flight, which basically states that the aircraft is accurate, but you would not have to run through ten pages of checklists before you can fly on the aircraft.


    The exterior of this model is also simple. The model features standard animations, such as doors, cargo doors, etc. but there is nothing out of the ordinary. I would say that the exterior model is an accurate representation of the real Airbus A310-200, but I would also have to say that it is a simple recreation. I hoped that CLS had added more detail into this model, but I think the technological limits at the time the model was made limits all the "extra" features that we see in high quality models today.

    I'll let you see some screen shots, as well as look at some real photos of A310-200s before we move on in the review:



    I hope that these pictures have given you an idea of the aircraft. Anyway, let's move on. I find the exterior of the aircraft to be rather accurate, as I have stated before, and this aircraft is rather frame rate friendly. I was getting consistantly 20+ FPS while using this aircraft, and even in high-density areas like Las Vegas where there are a lot of custom buildings and scenery objects, I still got at least 15 FPS out of the simulator with my computer.

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