• Simulation Data Announces TRUElandscape - France

    Simulation DATA is proud to announce the release of our last French landscape product TRUElandscape - FRANCE.

    In the same time our new web site is now available (French/English) at http://www.simulationdata.com.

    "TRUElandscape - FRANCE" is an add-on for Microsoft® Flight Simulator X® that covers the entire French territory with a brand new landclass and landscape scenery providing a better rendition of the land cover and the finest hydrographic network designed to bring the best experience in VFR flying.

    The ambition of this product is to provide a true benchmark for VFR simulated air navigation. We will soon set up a monitoring and reporting that will allow to regularly specify, modify existing data and enhance the product.

    Product installation does not modify any files from your Microsoft® Flight Simulator X®, neither any previously installed add-on. You can enable or disable " TRUElandscape - FRANCE " with a simple click in the scenery library. All data is geo-referenced to ensure compatibility with any other georeferenced product.

    TRUElandscape modifies and adds:

    • A new denition for whole coastlines and hyrographic system.
    • The reassignment of all landclass covering France and Corsica.
    • The redefinition of urban, peri-urban and industielles commercial port etc.. areas.
    • The redefinition of fragmented deciduous, mixed, coniferous, young, etc.. forests.
    • A brand new qualification for all coastlines, sandy, beaches, dunes, rocks, heaths, etc..
    • Pylons for high voltage and very high voltage power network over the country.

    TRUElandscape does not change:

    • The road network
    • The rail network
    • Ground textures or class definitions

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