• Interview: Fernando Herrera Of Carenado

    Recently FlightSim.Com had the chance to talk with Fernando Herrera, one of the two founders of Carenado, the company that makes a wide variety of airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator and now for X-Plane.


    The Company

    Who first started the company, when and how did it start?

    Carenado was founded on 2001, when Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and 2000 was around. Mauricio, an schoolmate of mine, came up with the idea on 2001 after seeing how many downloads some freeware aircraft were getting.

    At the same time, I was doing my private pilot course, I realized that there weren`t any good aircraft for Flight Simulator to learn and practice for students, which in some ways validated Mauricio's feeling.

    We were and still are very fanatic of Flight Simulators, we used to play together first versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator using an old Atari computer in the late eighties.

    Currently Mauricio and I are the owners of Carenado. Mauricio is in charge of the "what you see" area and I am in charge of the "what you don't see" area including running the business.


    What is your background or experience in real aviation?

    Mauricio is a very talented designer with many years of experience in the advertising industry. He is very passionate about aviation and is a real pilot.

    I am an industrial engineer with an MBA. I have worked mainly in the M&A and venture capital industry for many years. I am also passionate about aviation and am a real pilot.

    How did you come up with the name Carenado?

    Carenado is a Spanish word which means "fairing" or the "pant wheels" of aircraft, it is something related to aviation.

    Where is Carenado located and does everyone work local or from around the world?

    We are located in Santiago, Chile where we have an office with developers, programmers and designers, plus people working from their homes here in Chile and others working from their homes but outside Chile.

    The Team/People

    How many people help develop products for Carenado? Are any of them pilots or have real world aviation experience?

    Currently we are about 12 people (some are coming and going because they work for specific projects) and about 30% of them are real pilots. Half of our crew is based on Chile and the other half is spread around the globe.


    1. Leo112's Avatar
      Leo112 -
      Hear's hoping FS9 development continues...
    1. Wing_Z's Avatar
      Wing_Z -
      Hear, hear...
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Very interesting and thoughtful interview; many thanks!

      Let's just hope that development across the board continues.

      It's truly amazing how these developers (thanks to their amazing talents) have changed the face of flight simulation as we know it.

      As long as we continue to support them, I'm sure that many will continue and support our shared and valued hobby

    1. rlamont's Avatar
      rlamont -
      I have about a dozen of their products. The only other product that comes close to the realism that Carenado gives the sim flier is the RealAir Citabria/Scout series. I own a Cessna 150. The Carenado Cessna 152 is so close in the way it flies that I can use it to stay sharp during those periods when I can't fly because of weather or repairs. I have had a chance to fly a Bonanza, Cessna 185, and Cessna 172. The Carenado simulations are amazingly close to the real thing. I look forward to their product releases. Great interview!
    1. vegasjon's Avatar
      vegasjon -
      These are the absolute best GA modeled aircraft out there- The cockpit details, flight dynamics, and skins are beautiful! Please continue designing and publishing your creations!
    1. VERT002's Avatar
      VERT002 -
      Thank you for giving us the interview with Fernando. I have several Carenado products in my hangar and I have enjoyed all. One part of the interview was interesting to read-

      "What are some of the most important things a site or community can do to help the developers?

      Feedback is the most important thing when you do something for a community or niche. Because this is a global community and you don't talk with your customers, you NEED several ways for getting in contact with them. Social media such YouTube or Facebook helps a lot, but a specialized page could help even more for this purpose."(my bold)

      In the spirit of his quote, I would ask Carenado to please open up an official support forum on their website to help customers with problems or concerns with their products. Currently, a customer can only submit a trouble ticket or is directed to the Unofficial Carenado forum at AVSIM. I really like the attention to detail that Carenado puts into their products and will probably buy more of them in the future, but like most commercial add-ons, they sometimes have problems and it would be helpful to be able to communicate to Carenado through a forum that others with similiar problems can read Carenado's response to customer questions.
    1. sourwop's Avatar
      sourwop -
      Can you imagine if these guys turned out a Citation? Any Citation. I have been around as most have to see these guys start and move up. I don't remember them every going backwards and they became my favorite GA developer with the 337. My experience with the 337 as I told the owner was loud, obnoxious and fun to fly, but hell to work on. The only thing I ever needed when it came to customer support was assistance with the integration of RXP products. Most of my answers came from the fs community. They did a good job with the latter projects with this and the option to use them or not. I'm not sure of the relationship with Alabeo that Carenado has, but who cares. Its all good. Get the chant going CITATION maybe they will hear us.
    1. torkermax's Avatar
      torkermax -
      They have been quite an influence and contributors for many years to the flight sim community.
    1. scottm's Avatar
      scottm -
      Great interview. I too second the motion to request Carenado continue to bring their already amazing FSX creations into Fs9. I would never fail to purchase any of their FSX planes if they did so.
    1. scottb613's Avatar
      scottb613 -
      Carenado - if your listening - FS9 guys - just please test them before releasing - no more Arrow IV fiascos - please...

    1. scottm's Avatar
      scottm -
      AWESOME! I just read the Carenado "Incoming Projects" page on their website and they have announced a "new" FS9 plane----the C90!!!! Thanks for listening Fernando! Please bring us the C340 next!

    1. motoadve's Avatar
      motoadve -
      Please make a 182 P or Q for X plane and a 206
    1. yeager74's Avatar
      yeager74 -
      awesome products - I couldn't agree more! Yeah a nice GA get like the Cessna Citation Jet 3 would be awesome! Another "no-so-GA" aircraft I could wish for was a Gulfstream aircraft - but possibly that would be more of a task for PMDG, not sure.

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