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    Although the design for North American Aviation's B-45 originated during WWII, the arrival of the Tornado in 1948 held the distinction of becoming the first purpose-built all-jet bomber in the world.

    Fitted with four jet engines, it was a sleek and handsome aircraft. Although its range was limited, the B-45's ability to deliver nuclear weapons made it an effective deterrent during the early part of the Cold War. The straight-wing design incorporated four GE J47 turbojet engines, mounted in pairs under each wing. The J47's produced 6000 lbs of thrust each, resulting in a top speed of just over 500 knots at 4000 feet.

    The Tornado saw limited service during the Korean War as both a bomber and a high altitude recon aircraft. The final version, the RB-45C, was modified as a reconnaissance aircraft. It featured prominent wingtip tanks, a skinned-over nose, up to 12 cameras, and proved to be a capable photographic platform. In all, 96 B-45A bombers, 10 B-45C's and 38 RB-45C's were built.


    • Two model variations with seven detailed hi-res texture sets:
      • 47th BW, RAF Sculthorpe, England
      • 3200th PTG
      • 422nd BS, Langley AFB, VA
      • 91st SRG, Barksdale AFB, LA
      • 91st SRG, Lockbourne AFB, OH
      • 91st SRG, RAF Sculthorpe, England
      • Royal Air Force (Black Ops), RAF Sculthorpe, England
    • both B-45A bomber and RB-45C reconaissance variants included
    • virtual cockpit with gauges and controls
    • both bomber and recon have unique FDE's (flight dynamics/fuel, etc. tailored to aircraft)
    • seven stunning reflective metal 2048-pixel texture sets with custom spec and bump maps
    • two very high quality native FSX models
    • bomber version has 1000lb free-fall bomb loadout (bombs not droppable)
    • animated opening bomb bay doors, crew hatches and ladder
    • togglable realistic crew figures with full harnesses and period flight gear
    • virtual cockpit includes rear seat with gauges and controls, walkway and bomb aimer position spaces
    • illustrated user manual in PDF format
    • high quality soundset by Sonic Solutions
    • PhotoShop paint kit files provided


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