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    The Warthog as "Terminator"

    The A-10 Thunderbolt II, commonly known as the Warthog, has a reputation as tank killer due to its heavy, accurate armament. Designed for close ground support, it can "loiter" around the battle area for long periods of time. Yet its twin turbine engines can take it far and fast - up to 400 mph. With a titanium cockpit, this machine is built for survivability.

    Dave Eckert has used his design talents to make an all-new military legend for users of FSX and FS2004. We're happy to introduce the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II.

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    1. neddreenie's Avatar
      neddreenie -
      cant believe that actually costs money, looks worse than freeware
    1. ace507's Avatar
      ace507 -
      Quote Originally Posted by neddreenie View Post
      cant believe that actually costs money, looks worse than freeware
      back in the fs98 days abacus actually published some half way decent things unfortunately the things they publish now look worse than the things they published for 95
    1. bdliddicoa's Avatar
      bdliddicoa -
      Ace507 said it: Abacus used to be a mark of quality. Now i just cringe whenever they release something. Why don't they just license somebody's freeware and sell that? The stuff you can download on this website for free is better than Abacus...
    1. tyunbn's Avatar
      tyunbn -
      The company who's flight sim aircraft making will never advance past low quality freeware
    1. curchadw's Avatar
      curchadw -
      Another shitty product
    1. pyroperson87's Avatar
      pyroperson87 -
      YES! I've always wanted an FS2000 quality payware product for FSX!
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