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    Cirrus SR-22 GTSx Turbo HD Series

    Publisher: Carenado

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    Raymond Andersen

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    The Cirrus SR-22GTSx is a turbo variant of the famous Cirrus SR-22 which is a single engine, low winged, four seat, composite aircraft with a tricycle landing gear and a three bladed propeller, built by Cirrus Aircraft since the beginning of the 21st century. The SR-22 is the successor of the older SR-20 and features a more powerful engine, a larger wing and a higher fuel capacity.

    One of the very special features this aircraft is known for is the emergency parachute deploy system which is named CAPS - Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System, which actually is a huge parachute that will carry the SR-22 to the ground when in trouble instead of crashing. The SR-22GTS as it is known as, also features a possibility to retrofit the old analog cockpit panel to a new and highly improved glass cockpit consisting of a PFD, a MFD and back-up mechanical instruments - the PFD and MFD is the Avidyne Entegra Primary Flight Display.


    • Produced by Cirrus Aircraft
    • Certification: November 2000
    • Role: Civil utility aircraft
    • Status: In production
    • Built: +2001
    • Unit costs: US $635,900 (2013)
    • Primary users: Private
    • Service ceiling: 25,000 feet
    • Max speed: 219 knots

    I received this add-on aircraft directly from Carenado and the download went as usual, quickly and completely without any problems. The file is only about 85Mb and the connection to the download server is good, so the download did not take much more than a few minutes and I had no connection issues.

    Installing this add-on was very easy, I just activated the included installation wizard, which by the way is very user friendly, and that did the entire installation process for me. To complete the installation did not take much more than only a few seconds, and hereafter I was ready for the fun part. The installation wizard located my FSX folder automatically so all the information that I had to give the installation wizard, was only the key-code.

    After the installation was completed I opened my FSX folders to check that the installation was completed as I wanted it to, and of course it was - I found the SR-22 files perfectly located in the correct FSX folder. Hereafter I opened up my FSX and went into my virtual hangar and found the SR-22 perfectly placed together with my other add-ons that I have from Carenado.

    This add-on is created for both FSX and P3D, so actually when purchasing this add-on you get two complete versions which is superb. In this review I have only tested the FSX version. There are in total included five liveries and one blank for the two models (one pilot and two pilot models) which all are very nicely created with high quality textures and indeed very realistic paint jobs.

    I started by taking an external walk around the aircraft to get an overview of the model itself. The model is very accurate and is a true copy of the real life SR-22 as per the pictures that I found on the internet to compare the model against. There are included a lot of details as e.g. the nose wheel which cannot be controlled/turned directly by the pilot, but is more a "loose" nose wheel which is force turned when the pilot activates the wheel brakes. This I find to be very realistic and this feature also adds additional realism when taxiing with this aircraft, because you now don't get a turn reaction when turning the controls to the left or right as per in real life.

    I also really like that Carenado has made this model including the metal rivets that are all visible throughout the fuselage and wing area. Also that the model has included the small antennas on the tailfin and on top of the cockpit, and that you can actually see some of the engine when looking in through the air intake behind the propeller. These are all small details but adds a lot of realism to the model.


    The SR-22 model features several animations such as door for the canopy open/close, wheels turning, propeller and the various control surfaces. Also a nice light effect is included in the model and the lights are clear, clean and bright and as far as I could see, placed quite accurate according to the various images that I found on the Internet.

    Only one minus in regards to the animations is that one of the most famous features for this aircraft is unfortunately not animated. I here refers to the emergency parachute which can be applied from the cockpit, but there is no animation of it and the aircraft just restarts when activating the emergency parachute.

    After the external view I went inside the aircraft to get a view of the cockpit. Carenado has not included a 2D cockpit but instead created a very beautiful and realistic virtual cockpit. When getting into the virtual cockpit you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a super nice leather cabin - it is almost as you could smell the leader. The cabin is very well made again with various specific details as the very special "yoke" that are placed on the edge of the instrument panel on both the left and the right side.

    1. Leo112's Avatar
      Leo112 -
      We really need an FS9 version of this add-on...
    1. tippy's Avatar
      tippy -
      Win7,P3D,SR22GTSX. Don't know if this is a sim or model issue. When SR22GTSX is initally loaded, engine is running. Looking at the fuel selector, it is in one of two OFF positions, yet engine continues to run. As engine runs, fuel indicators drop at equal rate yet there is no BOTH position on fuel selector (only left or right). The moment you rotate away from OFF and back to OFF, apparently the sim "wakes" up and starts "responding" to the selector. Going to OFF will starve and shut off the engine. So, if you want to fly without the burden of the selector or emptying the tanks at different rates, then never ever touch the selector ... leave it at whatever it inits to.
    1. tippy's Avatar
      tippy -
      WIN7, P3D, SR22GTSX. Engine won't crank after shutdown. After flying a bit, I land, taxi, stop, shut down, shut off engine. After a while (with a sim Pause in there somewhere), I attempt to restart the engine ... yet it doesn't crank. What am i missing?
    1. dbauder's Avatar
      dbauder -
      Random thought (I don't own this particular addon) did you run your "battery" down? Did you shut the whole airplane down or just the engine? I seem to remember reading that FS runs the battery to nothing after a few minutes unless you tweak something in the config file.
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