• Review: Mega Airport Dusseldorf

    Mega Airport Dusseldorf

    Publisher: Aerosoft

    Review Author:
    Stuart Outram

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    The Product

    Available via CD. Developed for users of FS2004, FSX and Prepare3D. For the purposes of this review, only FSX was used.

    First Thoughts

    This is a comprehensive and very detailed scenery offering from Aerosoft, including a high level of animation. Consequently, a high end system is recommended to gain full advantage of this product.

    The system specifications that Aerosoft recommends are:

    Minimum requirements

    System requirements for FSX/P3D:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2, Acceleration Pack or Gold Edition) or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
    • Operating system: Windows XP (SP2)/ Vista /7 (fully updated)
    • Processor: 3 GHz (Dual or Quad Core processor recommended)
    • RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended)
    • 3D graphics card with minimum 512 MB
    • Download Size: 150 MB
    • Installations Size: 290 MB

    Check list:

    • Have I sufficient hard-disk space?
    • Is my system powerful enough to handle this scenery?
    • Are my FSX frame rates good enough to handle high density scenery?

    Computer system used for this test:

    • AMD Athlon 3.2 Gb processor
    • 8 Gb RAM
    • Fast Internet Broadband connection
    • NVIDIA GeForce GT 520

    Pictures supplied by Aerosoft


    If using Vista or Windows 7/8, ensure that you log in with Administrator privileges.

    No problems were experienced during this automated process, and on launching FSX, all for EDDL appeared automatically and was 'checked for use' in the Scenery Library.

    You are offered the opportunity to install the Aerosoft Launcher which gives you automatic communication with this and other Aerosoft products. This is an option and is not compulsory.

    The scenery will most likely appear at number 1 on the Scenery Library list. It is useful to ensure that this does not clash with any other Scenery that you have installed - which may require a higher priority on the Scenery Library Listings. You might also like to check that you do not have other secondary scenery installed and activated within the Scenery Library. If you have, either de-install or uncheck this item in the Scenery Library. Clashes with other AFCADs are not unknown.

    As with almost all Aerosoft products that I have used, the uninstall can be carried out through the normal Windows Uninstaller, via the Control Panel.

    Final Preparations Before Launching FSX

    Aerosoft have taken into account some of the limitations of FSX, and its control of seasonal weather presentation - through the creation of a 'Seasonal Tool' which allows you to select correct textures prior to starting FSX. A thoughtful addition to help with the appropriate weather ambience and atmosphere.

    Also, take the time to check out the included 20 page manual. It is very easy just to plug and play the scenery, without taking a quick look at what it has to offer. The manual is simple and uncomplicated to follow.

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