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    Chichester/Goodwood Airport EGHR

    Publisher: ORBX Systems

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    Raymond Andersen

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    Chichester/Goodwood Airport is a medium size private airport located near Chichester, West Sussex, England. The airport is also referred to as Goodwood Airfield or Goodwood Aerodrome and has a CAA ordinary license that allows public transport flights to and from the airport.

    The airport was built by the RAF during the Second World War and was known as the relief landing ground RAF Westhampnett for the nearby RAF Tangmere. During the war there were based several squadrons operating aircraft like the Hawker Hurricanes, P-51 Mustangs and the famous Supermarine Spitfires.

    Today the airport is operated by the Goodwood Road Racing Company and features a race track, a large flying school together with the Boultbee Flight Academy that gives people a chance of learning to pilot the Spitfire TR9. The airport has 83 based aircraft that covers both single and multi engine aircraft together with helicopters and various vintage aircraft such as a Chipmunk, a Tiger Moth, several Boeing Stearmans, a North American Harvard and in the summer time one or two Supermarine Spitfires. There are about 28,800 aircraft operations per year (figures from 2012).


    • Name: Chichester/Goodwood Airport
    • Airport type: private
    • Operator: Goodwood Road Racing Company
    • ICAO: EGHR
    • IATA: QUG
    • Elevation: 110 feet
    • Four runways:
      • 06/24 Grass 2,805 feet
      • 10/28 Grass 2,011 feet
      • 14R/32L Grass 4,265 feet
      • 14L/32R Grass 2,382 feet

    I received this add-on scenery directly from ORBX Systems and the download went as usually perfectly without any issues. The file is a fair size in regards to sceneries (about 400 Mb) and the connection to the download server was good so the download was completed within a few minutes.

    After downloading the file I searched the forums at ORBX's web site and found the patch v1.10 which also needs to be installed - this patch corrects a few minor issues as some crashboxes in the scenery and adds some parking spots.


    When both downloads were completed I started the installation of the scenery. If you have the FTX region EU England then this must be installed and activated prior to the installation of this scenery. Hereafter I just activated the installation wizard and after a few seconds the installation was nearly finished. Installing the complete scenery including the patch was very quick and again without problems as normal with products from ORBX.

    Included with this scenery you of course also receives both a User Guide and a Control Panel. The User Guide is a 24 page information guide that contains airport charts, an overview of the scenery coverage, recommended FSX settings, specific tuning notes, the information that the FTX region EU England should be installed prior to this installation and much more.

    The information included is all very useful and I would certainly recommend reading the User Guide before using the scenery. One specific information you can find here is in regards to the new desktop icon that was created by installing the EGHR scenery - the FTX Aero. This is a program that enables the simmer to change three standard FSX global textures with new and improved textures with a higher resolution than FSX standard. However if you use the REX Overdrive or similar and this would be your preferred setting then just simply select the TML menu option and lock your TML for the value that fits your request.

    By using the included Control Panel the simmer now has the opportunity to customize the scenery in details, to fit the simmer's request and his/her computer performance. This Control Panel is a superb feature and really helps the simmer to find the best and optimal setting for creating the best experience of the scenery.

    The control panel included in the EGHR scenery contains the possibility to select or de-select certain features as e.g. the famous PeopleFlow, animated animals, static cars and various grass effects. I have tested the scenery with all features selected and I had absolutely no problems with my frame rates - meaning that even with all features switched "on" I experienced no impact on my computer's performance.

    1. Legin3020's Avatar
      Legin3020 -
      I have to say, as a great and regular user of this airport in Sussex, on many levels, this offering is without doubt, as superb FSX addition... It is accurate, I was expecting to see my coffee cup outside the cafe'...A great job, and oh yes the review was not half nad either!!!! Very nice Nels!
    1. Legin3020's Avatar
      Legin3020 -
      OOps sorry for the typo, nad was supposed to read BAD! Oh well you get my drift!
    1. aldwick's Avatar
      aldwick -
      I was born and raised 6 miles away so am very familiar Goodwood and believe me, the screen shots ORBX provides are as "real as it gets!" Pains me that I can't tryout this scenery as I'm an FS9 user!
    1. BruceAir's Avatar
      BruceAir -
      This is astonishing scenery. I honestly thought they were photos of Goodwood!!! Sterling work by the ORBX team. Shame I can't use it either!
    1. salpar's Avatar
      salpar -
      Hi Nels
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