• Drubware - FS Cabin Crew English Edition Released

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    FS Cabin Crew is a module for Microsoft Flight Simulator X that will add a cabin crew to all your flights. You'll be able to hear the crew making announcements to your passengers during the entire flight.

    A crew during all the flight

    FS Cabin Crew will add crew announcements to the entire flight, from the very beginning until you arrive at your destination.

    Works with almost any aircraft

    FS Cabin Crew will work with almost any aircraft: the FSX default ones, freeware aircraft and of course, the payware ones.

    Professionally recorded sounds

    All crew sounds are recorded by a professional voice talent.

    Add more crews in other languages

    This version of FS Cabin Crew comes with an English crew but more crews are available.

    Create your own crew

    You can create and use your own crew.

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    1. steve5006's Avatar
      steve5006 -
      Need a video for this or more of a description. I can't really get a feel for this product with what's here and on the store page
    1. woodgreen1980's Avatar
      woodgreen1980 -
      can FS Cabin Crew English Edition work also in fightsim2004 ?
    1. ajpongress's Avatar
      ajpongress -
      I bought this product last year and instantly regretted it.
      All it does is play sound files at different stages of your flight, but sometimes it won't auto detect the right moment to play a file and you have to force it to play yourself.

      You also can't adjust the volume of any of the sound files.
      I asked the developer if he could include a sound control in a future patch.
      He replied that I could download 3rd party software and edit the volume of each file one at a time.

      Pretty much uninstalled it right there.
    1. hillman's Avatar
      hillman -
      If they have an american accent...fail
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