• Review: Alabeo PA-36 Brave 375 For FSX

    Piper PA36-375 Pawnee Brave

    Publisher: Alabeo

    Review Author:
    Raymond Andersen

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    The PA36-375 Pawnee Brave is a low wing, single engine aircraft built by Piper Aircraft since the late 1970s. The primary use is for agricultural purposes but the Pawnee is also an excellent tow plane for gliders, especially the PA36-375 that features a bigger and more powerful engine than the previous versions - the Avco Lycoming IO-720-DICD flat-eight engine with 375hp.

    The PA36 was a new version of the old PA25 Pawnee with a bigger engine, a new and modified wing design, new heating and ventilation system and a large standard hopper. The first PA36 featured a 285hp Continental Tiara engine and was developed back in the late 1960s and introduced in 1973 - it was designated PA36-285 Pawnee Brave.


    • Produced by Piper Aircraft
    • First Flight: 1978 (PA36-375)
    • Introduction: 1978
    • Role: Agricultural aircraft
    • Status: Active
    • Built: 938 (PA36)

    I got this aircraft through www.FSPilotShop.com and the purchase and download went quickly and completely without any issues. The download did not take much more than a few minutes because the file is only 143 MB and the connection to the server was really good.

    After the download was completed I unzipped the file and found three installation files. The reason for these three installation files are that Alabeo has included a mission and a matching scenery with this aircraft, so the simmer now really gets the opportunity to try out his or her skills as a crop sprayer pilot. I will later in my review get back to the mission and scenery.

    The add-on is created for both FSX and P3D which I think is really nice because I get both versions for the price of just one. I currently use FSX so this review is written only with the FSX version. The installation of all files went perfect and quickly - just activate the installation wizard and that will take care of the rest of the installation. After a few minutes the installation was completed and I started up FSX and opened my virtual hangar. I found the PA36 perfectly placed together with the other add-ons that I have from Alabeo.

    Included is two models, one is the original PA36 without the dispersal equipment meaning without the agricultural spraying feature and the other model is of course with the agricultural spraying feature. Combined there are in total eleven paint schemes included that are all very realistic - actually I searched Google to find pictures of the real aircraft and several of the repaints were very close to the real aircraft that I found.


    In the models with the dispersal equipment, the models that can be used for crop spraying, there is also included a chemical loader where you can add quantity to you chemical load. This is a fun feature but it doesn't give that much extra realism. To view this chemical loader you have to change the view to be the 2D cockpit which is not there, but instead you have this:

    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      Hi Nels,

      I would have to agree with your review especially concerning the sound. I actually sent Alabeo an email highlighting the fact that this aircraft's sound is nowhere near correct. Real life Piper Braves engines have a distinct " putt, putt, putt" sound. While their textures are extremely amazing and well done, what a deal this aircraft is considering it's low price. I would have to give them a 4/5 as well. ( Btw, I grew up seeing and hearing Piper Braves so that's how I knew about the sound).
    1. normac's Avatar
      normac -
      Many thanks for a useful review. It's really disappointing that an aircraft like this can't simulate the change of weight and centre of gravity and therefore the change of flight characteristics as it loses its load of fertiliser or pesticide. Seems rather pointless simulating releasing the load if it has no impact.
    1. steve5006's Avatar
      steve5006 -
      interesting note. their advertising material says there's dynamic weight simulation. I figured that would encompass load weight changes
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