• Review: ORBX Felts Field Spokane

    Felts Field Spokane KSFF

    Publisher: ORBX

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    Raymond Andersen

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    Felts Field is a medium size public airport located 4 nm northeast of Spokane, Washington. The aviation activities were started back in 1913 but it was not until 1927 that the airport received the name Felts Field after James Buell Felts who were a Washington Air National Guard aviator that was killed in a crash that year.

    The airport features three runways, one concrete, one asphalt and one water that is located on the Spokane River. The entire area covers 416 acres and has an elevation of 1957 feet. There are 163 aircraft based at Felts Field which covers single engine, multi engine, jet and helicopters. The total aircraft operations are approximately 75,000 per year (75,124 in 2009).


    • Name: Felts Field Spokane
    • Airport type: Public
    • Owner: Spokane City County
    • Location: Spokane, Washington
    • ICAO: KSFF
    • IATA / FAA: SFF
    • Elevation: 1953 ft AMSL
    • Runways: 3:
      • 3L/21R Concrete 4499 ft
      • 3R/21L Asphalt 2650 ft
      • 3W/21W Water 6000 ft

    This add-on scenery I received directly from ORBX Systems and the download went perfect without any issues. However even though the download speed was good the entire download did take quite some time due to the size of this file (approximately 1.087 Gb as a zip file).

    After the download had finished I searched the forums at the ORBX web site to see if there had been any updates or new patches that I needed when installing this add-on scenery. There were none for this add-on scenery so I activated the installation wizard and within a few minutes the Felts Field was perfectly installed on my computer.

    I noticed that when installing this add-on scenery you can choose to install either the FSX version or the Prepar3D version. This is a really good extra service that is provided by ORBX since with this add-on scenery I actually received two versions for the price of just one. I know that this is getting more and more common but I still think that it is really nice service.

    When the installation was completed I opened the included user guide to get familiar with this add-on scenery. In this user guide is a lot of very useful information as e.g. an airport diagram, real maps and all the necessary airport data needed to fly to and from this airport. There are also listed ideal and suggested FSX settings to get the best visual experience in accordance with the computer's performance/power.

    Furthermore there are also written that to get the best visuals out of this scenery, the FTX Northern Rockies region should be installed prior to the installation of Felts Field Spokane. I have tested this scenery without the FTX region and with the use of the default FSX region. No problem - this can very well be done and the visual is still superb, but I found some mesh mishaps around the edges of the river so I would certainly recommend installing the FTX region to complete the experience of flying over this part of the world.

    Together with the user guide there are also installed a control panel specific for this airport scenery. With this control panel the simmer will be able to customize the detailing and animation within this scenery to fit the simmer's needs and his/hers computers performance.


    1. jrbirdman81's Avatar
      jrbirdman81 -
      I used to live right by this airport and they have it done beautifly. Man I only wish this was compatible with FS9 as well. Then it would be perfect!
    1. jemelton3's Avatar
      jemelton3 -
      I have spent many a lunch hour, sitting in the parking lot at felts watching the activitys at this busy GA airport, with my scanner tuned to the tower. I is a remarkably accurate reproduction of the real thing.
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