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    When did you start developing for flight simulator?

    Although I started with FS4 when Flight Simulator looked like a bad Atari game I didn't really start doing any kind of work until FS5 hit the market then I just mainly created adventures and routes and such. It wasn't until FS2004 hit the market I really started doing my own thing with repainting aircraft. Thank God for the Abacus Repaint program and then the A2A 3D Light and redux program came out and opened even more doors I added lights to everything and was finally nick-named the lightman by my friend Doug Moeller and I added the FS to it and became the FSLightman. Then when FSX came out I started converting FS2004 aircraft to FSX, which was no small task as you can Imagine and all this was done by hand since there was no program available at that time.


    How many designs have you done?

    I can only guess but well over 300. When I was part of Pan Am Virtual I painted most of their fleet and added the lights. And converted aircraft to FSX as needed.

    What do you consider your best or most popular work?

    I would have to say the EZ Scenery Library; all inclusive scenery object collection with 16,143 downloads and the FS2004 Rwy12 Objects EXE with 13,352 downloads. I made this execute file for myself originally because I got tired of finding scenery I liked and then you had to go search for all the scenery objects you had to have just to make the scenery work. And then I said to myself I need to share this and it works in both FS2004 and FSX.

    What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of a project?

    Staying dedicated to one project and making sure it works across the board with other scenery or programs. I guess with any flight simmer it gets irritating to download something and parts of the aircraft are missing as with scenery and then you have to start downloading patches for this or that to me it's frustrating. Anything I make I test and test and test and make sure it works at least on my machines then I check for viruses and malware. And then I release it to FlightSim.Com


    What are some of the unique or special things your designs have or can do?

    Well I'm not called the FSLightman for nothing. With any of the aircraft I paint or convert I always add the A2A 3D Light and Redux codes. I always make a separate aircraft.cfg file with the codes already added. Along with the install information. But you have to have the A2A 3D Light and Redux program for the lights to work. And the program is very inexpensive and a must have.

    What are your favorite projects?

    My passion is bringing old defunct airlines back to life. But I also like helping virtual airlines put their fleet together and painting and adding the lights. And the best part of all is the thank you and we coudn't have done this without your help. I can't even explain how it makes me feel.

    What software packages and tools do you use to develop?

    I use several, But I will give the ones I use the most.

    1. Abacus Repaint v2.0 - Easy to use and worth the money
    2. A2A 3D Lights & Redux - best light program on the market
    3. Jasc Paint Shop Pro - Great Program but is pricy
    4. Adobe Paint Shop - I wouldn't suggest this program for beginners
    5. Abacus - EZ Scenery
    6. Abacus - FS Design Studio
    7. Rwy12
    8. TrafficTools by Lee Swordy

    Who would you consider to be your mentors or inspiration in the development world?

    That's easy, my inspiration was Tom Jones who created scenery for FS5.1. He has passed now but a great man and friend. I only lived six blocks from him and he was a minister in real life. And he is truly missed.


    Do you develop payware/freeware or both and why?

    I only create freeware the reason why is, I imagine a 13, 14 or 15 year old wanting this program or aircraft and spends his or her allowance and had to save like what seemed to be a life time to get what they want. Flight Simulator is suppose to be fun and not drain your pocket book. I believe in share if you care...plus I am a grandpa.

    1. vflight2's Avatar
      vflight2 -
      DID NOT know this info about our host. Terrific article! Thanks FSLightman for all the great work you have shared not to mention the the website that keeps us all airborne.

    1. pjtmcclure's Avatar
      pjtmcclure -
      When I first (found) flight sim I never dreamed it would become such big part of my life. Due to medical problems I was forced to give up work, hunting, fishing,and about all else that I enjoyed. Then,, I found flightsims. Not a much out there for us (older) people. With people like David Grendele, and many others that so free hearted contibute to this hobby/sport/life/ or just plane fun, Sure gives us a lot to look forward to. Very good uplifting article. thanks to everone at flightsim.com old man on the mountain
    1. amsterdamschipol's Avatar
      amsterdamschipol -
      inspires me
    1. ledbury's Avatar
      ledbury -
      I have contributed several panels to flightsim.com under my name John Rushby-Smith, always with the intention of making them look as realistic as possible. I have always done it for free as a contribution in return for the many free downloads I have myself taken advantage of. Besides, creating such things is fun, and can be gratifying, especially when a BA professional pilot sends you a schematic layout to work on, and then tells you that he used your final design as part of his qualifying study.
      FlightSim.com is a great site. Keep up the good work.
    1. Katsudenden's Avatar
      Katsudenden -
      Traffic Tool for FSX ?
    1. Katsudenden's Avatar
      Katsudenden -
      I cannot Run PMDG737ngx Box in FSX Acceralation.But I could Activasion!! My OS is Windows8.1Japanise
    1. pummel's Avatar
      pummel -
      Thank you for building the BAC 1-11. Please can you build one plane with british Airways color or BEA ?
      Greetings and happy landings
    1. mrzippy's Avatar
      mrzippy -
      Yeah, David, thanks for also including the soft-core porn and free shockwave lights in your downloads. I could have done without the bazillion fireworks effects, though!
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