• Review: Beechcraft King Air B200 HD Series

    This Carenado model is very authentic, and for that reason Carenado has also included nine different PDF manuals so that the simmer can get all aspects of being a King Air pilot. This was indeed really nice to see and this will most definitely increase the realism for the simmer when using the manual for all the complex systems that this King Air is equipped with.

    I started with an external tour around the aircraft to get a feeling of the model. This is indeed a very realistic and authentic model and when I compared the model to several pictures of the real King Air, the resemblance was remarkable. The model is extremely close to the real deal and I like the fact that the model that Carenado has created is actually a newer one where you have the small winglets.

    The model is covered with high quality textures and features a superb clean finish. On the model I found lots of various details that characterize this specific aircraft and together with that I checked out the lighting effect which is also very nice. The lights are placed according to the schematics that I could find of this aircraft and the light effect is clean, clear and bright and very realistic.

    Furthermore the model also features various animations such as propellers turning, door open and closes including the steps, gear, suspension and wheels turning plus nose wheel steering, various control surfaces and flaps, etc. Together with all this the model also features specific smoke effect when starting up the engines.


    Going from the outside of this very beautiful aircraft, I took the steps into a completely modeled and animated virtual leather cabin. This virtual cabin is very well made and resembles the virtual cabin that the C90B from Carenado uses. In the virtual cabin I found e.g. animated tables at the seats and the door between the cockpit and the cabin can also open and close. You also have a perfect view of the wings and the animated ailerons.

    The textures used in the virtual cabin are also of very good quality and the finish and the details here are close to being perfect. This model features a lot of additional views and two of these views are actually from the seats here in the virtual cabin. When using these views I found the virtual cabin to be very realistic. I actually had a flight where I changed my pilot view to be the cabin seat looking towards the cockpit, and then of course the doors for the cockpit were open. This gave me a very nice feeling of how it would be to be a VIP flying in this aircraft.

    Now I entered the cockpit - the King Air is equipped with only a virtual cockpit and no 2D cockpit. This however is no problem because I only use the virtual cockpit. The virtual cockpit included in this model is fantastic and very much like the real King Air cockpit. I compared the virtual cockpit against several real King Air cockpit pictures, and it was very easy for me to see that Carenado again had made a superb virtual cockpit.


    There are put in a lot of energy and effort to get everything so beautifully created and to get all systems working. The virtual cockpit features various animations such as the controls, various switches, buttons, etc. The textures used in the virtual cockpit are of a very high quality and the finish is stunning. Clear, clean and sharp edges and an incredible depth experience make this virtual cockpit very realistic.

    To spice it all up and provide the simmer with the best experience of a realistic King Air cockpit atmosphere, Carenado has included call-outs sound files, which just improves the overall experience of this aircraft. The gauges used are all of great quality and very realistic.

    The sound set included for this model is really good and resembles the very unique sound that the real King Air has. These twin turboprop engines have a superb sound that you could easily fall in love with. That is also some of the things that real King Air pilots love about their aircraft. I tested the sound set in both stereo and 7.1 surround sound and both worked perfectly.

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