• Review: Jeju International From Island Sim

    Review: Jeju International From Island Sim

    By Bill Stack

    Jeju South Korea by Island Sim
    Jeju South Korea by Island Sim Jeju South Korea by Island Sim

    Screen shots by Island Simulations

    Jeju International (RKPC) is South Korea's third largest airport after Gimbo (Seoul) and Incheon. Wikipedia says this airport served more than 17 million passengers in 2011 with domestic and international flights to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Guam. Its major scheduled airlines are Korean Air, China Eastern Airlines, and Asiana Airlines. Several airlines provide charter flights as well.

    Jeju's elevation is 118 feet (36 meters), and its longest runway is 9,843 feet (3,000 meters). The Aviation Safety Database shows only four crashes since 1982, with the most recent in 2006 when the nose wheel of an ATR 72-201 operated by Hansung Airlines collapsed during landing. There were no fatalities.

    Jeju is both an island south of the Korean mainland and a city on this island. The island and city are popular tourist destinations for Koreans and Japanese. Weather is mild most of the year. The island is said to be a "botanical fantasy island". An 6,400-foot (1,950-meter) volcanic mountain rises in the center, and beaches surround the island. A wide variety of hotels is available in the Jeju urban area, and casinos in Jeju are very popular.

    Being on the other side of the world from the United States, Jeju is about 12 hours ahead of the eastern U.S.A. time zone. So when it's noon in the Eastern United States, it's about midnight in Jeju.

    Jeju South Korea by Island Sim Jeju South Korea by Island Sim
    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    Island Simulations' Depiction

    Island Simulations promises enhancements of several types in this scenery package:

    The Airport:

    • Accurate airport terminal building, hangars and freight warehouse dock
    • High definition apron and tarmac textures
    • Custom ground lighting system
    • Custom vegetation
    • Weathered runway and apron markings
    • Custom buildings within airport vicinity and city area

    Outside the Airport

    • Custom buildings in the city area
    • AI boats and road traffic

    All Areas

    • Realistic night lighting ambiance
    • 15 cm/pixel photoreal landclass
    • Season coloration typical of the island
    • Frame rate friendly

    1. Crazyclown's Avatar
      Crazyclown -
      I don't have this scenery, BUT, I do have PACSIMs Marshall Island Scenery PKMJ - and its great !!!

      Also have their Ingals Field scenery, in Virginia and their Narau Island scenery, their all great !
      well done and you can tell time was taken to place the objects and the Hangers this guy makes are incredible Great too !

      You can't go wrong buying a PACSIM Scenery, you'll spend hours & hours checking everything out and their fairly easy on frame rates too !!

      The other thing, the sceneries are easy on the pocket book too - and easy to Install, most come with a self installer that automatically puts everything right where its supposed to go,, at least in my FSX Gold/Acceleration edition it does !

      Great work - Graham !

    1. clutchcargo's Avatar
      clutchcargo -
      I would have to agree - I would pay attention to this little known developer. He seems to be getting better and better with each new airport. He add-ons make a great little stop if you are flying across the Pacific. Recently his products are/used to be on sale so I would check around. I have a few of his little gems and really enjoy them.

      Clutch Cargo
    1. scottb613's Avatar
      scottb613 -
      Yep - totally concur - amazing work...

    1. gmarxs's Avatar
      gmarxs -
      Thanks for the kind comments, folks.

      Just a quick word on the product installer. Until Bill's review, I had no idea that there were no proper product installer and product keys included in our catalogue at fspilotshop. My fault for not including these items, not fspilotshop. Since noting the anomally in Bill's review, I sent the installer and product keys to Nathan at fspilotshop to upload immediately to the Jeju product page. If you bought Jeju International before this review, please contact me at [email protected] to grab the proper installer and corresponding product key. Thanks for pointing that out Bill. BTW, all other shops have the proper Jeju product installer and keys in case you choose to purchase elsewhere.
    1. msoitan's Avatar
      msoitan -
    1. slamsuger's Avatar
      slamsuger -
      WOOW, looks great!
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