• Review: WACO YMF-5 By Alabeo

    Review: WACO YMF-5 By Alabeo

    By Bill Stack

    WACO YMF-5 by Alabeo
    WACO YMF-5 by Alabeo WACO YMF-5 by Alabeo WACO YMF-5 by Alabeo

    Screen shots by Alabeo

    WACO's YMF-5 is one of many models of biplanes manufactured by this company during the 1930s and 1940s. Production of the YMF-5 was resumed in 1986 and continues on a per-order basis as of this writing. Many are still flying, and photographs are readily available on the Internet. Scale models are popular for radio-controlled sport aviation.

    Today's YMF-5 is powered by a 245-horsepower (183-kilowatt) Jacobs L-4 radial engine. It has a longer and wider fuselage than other WACO models. New YMF-5s sell for about $150,000.

    This aircraft is unlike any default FSX aircraft. It is three feet shorter than the Cessna 172 yet almost twice its gross weight. Consequently, I cannot give even a generalized comparison.

    WACO says it's the world's only producer of new FAA and EASA certified open-cockpit sport biplanes. The company name is always fully capitalized, and it's pronounced "wack-o" instead of "way-co" like the city in Texas.

    Aircraft Specifications
    Specification YMF-5
    Occupants 3
    Maximum Take-off Weight 2,950 LBS
    1,338 KG
    Empty Weight 2,150 LBS
    975 KG
    Useful Load 800 LBS
    363 KG
    Fuel Capacity 48 USG
    182 L
    Maximum Speed 186 KTS
    214 MPH
    344 KPH
    Cruising Speed 110 KTS
    127 MPH
    204 KPH
    Ceiling 13,800 FT
    4,206 M
    Fuel Flow 15 USG/HR
    Range 432 NM
    800 KM
    Length 23.33 FT
    7.11 M
    Wing Span 30 FT
    9.14 M
    Power 300 HP
    Source: Alabeo
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    1. Smokey Joe's Avatar
      Smokey Joe -
      So where's the rest of the review?
    1. brian00's Avatar
      brian00 -
      Use the pages: drop down above your comment
    1. Smokey Joe's Avatar
      Smokey Joe -
      OK, thanks. I see now.
    1. paulavny's Avatar
      paulavny -
      Very short range - 800 meters = about half a mile
    1. Buschpilot's Avatar
      Buschpilot -
      I think he wants to say ~800 kilometres
    1. iflysioux's Avatar
      iflysioux -
      Actually it's pronounced "Wah-co" "Wack-o" is a character from animaniacs. (elegantly put by a WACO owner, when I pronounced it wrong)
    1. ThinkingManNeil's Avatar
      ThinkingManNeil -
      WACO is actually a contraction of Warner Aircraft Company, manufacturer of the original aircraft. Oh, and the price of a moderately equipped, modern rendition of the YMF-5D by Classic Aircraft Corporation is closer to $450,000, not $150K. Alabeo's sim is superb, BTW.
    1. Meteor FL.54's Avatar
      Meteor FL.54 -
      I don't know what Bill did wrong during testing but if you perform the aileron roll correctly, she doesn't loose any altitude and of course she can be looped. In fact she has about 5% more power than the real one to make loops more easy due to Alabeos request.
    1. greenberg1940's Avatar
      greenberg1940 -
      I bought this airplane for lo and slo flying and have NOT been disapointed. Theres plenty of eye candy out there and if you want some thrills, fly in canyons and hill country at around 1oo knots at 10 to 50 feet. You'll love it!!!
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