• Review: Johannesburg South Africa By NMG

    Review: Johannesburg South Africa By NMG

    By Bill Stack

    Johannesburg by NMG
    Johannesburg by NMG Johannesburg by NMG

    Screen shots by NMG

    Johannesburg, South Africa, is the most heavily populated city in Africa with nearly eight million residents. It has the largest economy of any city in sub-Saharan Africa, and it is among the world's 50 largest metropolitan areas. It's climate is generally mild.

    Johannesburg International Airport (FAJS) is the primary airport for domestic and international travel serving South Africa. Handling 18 million passengers annually with a capacity for 28 million, it is Africa's busiest airport and the hub for South African Airways, which is South Africa's largest domestic and international airline. Its parallel runways are 11,155 feet (3,400 meters) and 14,495 feet (4,418 meters) long. Because of its 5,558-foot (1,694-meter) elevation, its longer runway is among the world's longest. It is served by more than 50 domestic and international passenger and cargo airlines. Satellite photos show close to 100 aircraft of all sizes from regional jets to jumbos parked and taxiing.

    The official name, "OR Tambo International Airport," honors Oliver Reginald Tambo, a former president of the African National Congress for 30 years and one of the New South Africa's founding leaders.

    On 26 November 2006, Johannesburg became the airport first in Africa to host the Airbus A380, which landed in Johannesburg on its way to Sydney, Australia, via the South Pole on a test flight, according to Wikipedia.

    In March 1988, an Embraer 110P1 Bandeirante operated by Comair exploded and crashed en route to Johannesburg. A mine worker with marital and financial problems, who had recently taken out a large insurance policy on his life, had boarded the plane. He is thought to have detonated an explosive device," according to the Aviation Safety Network. In June 2006, a 21-year old Zimbabwean student tried to hijack a flight to Johannesburg by forcing his way into the cockpit armed with a hypodermic needle. He was overpowered by passengers, including an off-duty Captain, and crew, according to the same source. Wikipedia reports that gunmen held up guards at the airport gates on March 25, 2006. "Others armed with AK-47 assault rifles held up guards and police at a South African Airways aircraft and helped themselves to bags of pound sterling banknotes flown in from Britain. Several airport security staff were implicated in the heist."

    Johannesburg by NMG Johannesburg by NMG

    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    1. nvisagie's Avatar
      nvisagie -
      Although the reviewer is completely fair in his assessment of the package; there is nothing in the review that will make you want to go out and buy the scenery right away.

      More could have been said about the aircraft docking guidance system, the terminal interiors with passengers inside the building, the hangar interiors with parked aircraft inside, the textured grass, the photo real ground layer and the night textures. All these are features that potential buyers want to know about!
    1. jabjoker's Avatar
      jabjoker -
      The advantage of some the latest NMG packages is that you can use them on FSX, Prepar3D & X-Plane 10, which to me is superb since I run all three of these simulators
    1. ftldave's Avatar
      ftldave -
      "... and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D (pronounced "“prepared" ...)

      "Prepared?" That reminds me of a time back in 1984 when a cute Apple Computers bimbo-rep told a room full of IT professionals that we had to call Macintosh SCSI drives "sexy drives" instead of "scuzzy drives". Uh-huh, sure. Didn't happen. I think I'll continue to call it Prepar3D and let the marketing types stew about it.
    1. barryjohna's Avatar
      barryjohna -
      agreed - screenshot do not make me want to buy it
    1. kevins's Avatar
      kevins -
      I have it for fs2004. because they made it free for fs9 and I would rather get the aeroworxs O.R.Tambo. NMG got alot of things wrong. like the new terminal building is to high and the look of it is wrong. those three triangels that come out from the building are two small and the gates look wrong. in the aeroworx scenery all those things are exactly to the real world. but the MNG has things the aeroworxs one does not have. some of the hagers are not there but in NMG they are all there, the aprons are perfect in the NMG, in aeroworx they could use a bit of a fix up. but I would recoment the NMG Cape Town International, the aeroworx one is old but the NMG is perfect.
      Hope this helps.
    1. carlrak's Avatar
      carlrak -
      I also have it for FS9, but some provided textures for the static 737-400 were corrupted, which leads to corruption of some AI traffic textures that were visible at range at the time (My graphics specs seems to be incompatible with mixed DXT1 + DXT3 + 32bits textures all at a time)
      I assume the FS9 scenery would be a lot less accurate than this FSX one (some apron taxiways weren't straight) I wasn't happy with the FS9 version, so, I removed it and load back Aeroworx scenery
      However, I don't like the "ADE style" apron. Would have it been entirely reworked with photoreal ground textures, I may have bought it. I also don't like the way the "three triangles" on main terminal were rendered, as depicted in screenshots, and the hangars interior textures (shoud be very dark) Not exactly like the real ones.

      I'll wait for an "hypothetic future" version with reworked structures and "photoreal everything anywhere"...
    1. fsuksim's Avatar
      fsuksim -
      I think it is a fair review. Although I have all of the NMG sceneries - as well as the Aerosorx sceneries, scenery designers need to realise that if they are charging the same price as top tier designers, that they need to start raising the bar. There is too much competition and too much available for FSX these days. Compared to other sceneries available globally, the NMG sceneries are comparitively mediocre at best, albeit the best available for SA. I would prefer more time being spent on photo real texturing of aprons and taxiways rather than the inside of the terminal building, which - given that this is a FLIGHT simulator, I have no intention of looking at
    1. BlackOps123's Avatar
      BlackOps123 -
      I want to go to South Africa for the safari tour this winter with my family I will be going to JNB as my destination cant wait to go! love the airport and the review!
    1. massynrc's Avatar
      massynrc -
      ... only bought one piece of Scenery from NMG in my entire life - will never ever again....
    1. michaeltrautmann's Avatar
      michaeltrautmann -
      I love the products from NMG, at least they have stepped forward to design them for us.
    1. carzone786's Avatar
      carzone786 -
      Looks tops...
    1. p51d1's Avatar
      p51d1 -
      Bought most of the sceneries from NMG, except for the ones that was already available by Aeroworx or Trieng-Trieng freeware. Being a user of this scenery, not sure now as I did not attempt to uninstall the most current version of FAOR from NMG and install the old version. But I was pretty sure the 2012 version was more lite on frames then the most current version. Although the scenery is superbly done, but the frames for me is what counts. So im still thinking about going back to the older version for FSX. Otherwise im sitting with a scenery, unable to fly in and out of, even with little ai traffic which I constructed myself from freeware source in order to lighten the load of ai traffic. Also have the NMG AI traffic, but simply to heavy on resources for FAOR especially...shame really.
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