• ORBX - CZST Stewart Airport Now Available

    The world's first 2cm/pixel airport!

    Even though there is a theoretical ground resolution texture limit in FSX/P3D, Russ White has managed to introduce a new method of building airport terrain in which he can exceed what was thought possible in flight simulation - an insane 2cm per pixel ground resolution, and without any real performance penalty! Revel in the beauty of this amazing location on the fork of a river surrounded by sheer walls of mountains. This breathtakingly picturesque setting is home to an airport of exceptional character, and Russ has interpreted it with wear and tear, rust, grime and the sands of time. There is nothing like CZST Stewart Airport in any simulator and you owe it to yourself to visit this and shake your head in wonder. It really is that good.

    • Insane ground imagery at 2cm per pixel!
    • Absolutely the finest textures seen in FSX!
    • FSX 3DS poly runway, aprons and more
    • The most scenic location in all Pacific Fjords
    • Includes Orbx "Flow" technologies
    • A large photoreal area including mountains
    • Town of Stewart and other POI buildings
    • TextureFlow optimised and excellent FPS
    • Unique new sharp edged burnt shadows
    • Unbelievable level of object detail!
    • Expert 5 seasons color matched imagery
    • Made by Russell White, master modeler

    NOTE:This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of Orbx FTX Pacific Fjords must be installed prior to use.

    Learn More Here

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    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
      [email protected]?#?!!!??? Remind me, how much did FSX cost? A beautiful product and probably more time than I am prepared to put into a scenery for free, but this is ONE airfield. OK forget everything I just wrote and I am going to start charging.
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