• Review: Piper PA-46 500TP Meridian

    Review: Piper PA-46 500TP Meridian

    By Bill Stack

    Piper PA-46 Meridan by WSSimulation
    Piper PA-46 Meridan by WSSimulation Piper PA-46 Meridan by WSSimulation Piper PA-46 Meridan by WSSimulation

    Screen shots by WSSimulation

    Piper's PA-46 Meridian is the turboprop member of Piper's Malibu family of single-engine general aviation aircraft. It holds a pilot and five passengers. One passenger sits in the right cockpit seat, and the other four sit in the cabin. With its pressurized cabin, its service ceiling is 30,000 feet (9,150 meters). The Malibu family began in the 1970s, and the Malibu Meridian began service in 2000. Piper advertises "strong takeoff and landing performance, especially in hot and high conditions," and "the ability to climb to altitude quickly and efficiently topping most weather and turbulence."

    The following table details the Meridian's physical and performance specifications and compares them to the FSX Cessna Grand Caravan, which is also a single-engine turboprop. Basically, the Meridian is smaller, lighter, faster, and higher than the Grand Caravan.

    Specification Meridian Grand Caravan
    Maximum Take-off Weight 5,092 LBS 8,785 LBS
    Useful Load 1,700 LBS 4,210 LBS
    Empty Weight 3,392 LBS 4,575 LBS
    Maximum speed 260 KIAS 175 KIAS
    Cruising speed 188 KIAS 164 KIAS
    Ceiling 30,000 FT 22,800 FT
    Range 1,178 NM 1,260 NM
    Length 26 FT 42 FT
    Wingspan 43 FT 52 FT
    Power 500 HP 675 HP
    Sources WSSimulation FSX

    WSSimulation offers these and other features in its Piper Meridian:

    • Three real liveries
    • User manual with real information
    • Realistic 3D cockpit
    • Sound pack
    • Many animations

    WSSimulation says its high-definition textures and normal map make its Meridian "one of the most realistic aircraft in Flight Simulator X."

    WSSimulation's Rendition

    The rendition of Piper's PA-46 Malibu Meridian for FSX by WSSimulation is realistic compared with photos I found on the Internet, inside and outside. All sizes, shapes, and details are true to the real-world photos. I also found real-world photos of the three liveries included with the product.

    Piper PA-46 Meridan by WSSimulation Piper PA-46 Meridan by WSSimulation Piper PA-46 Meridan by WSSimulation

    Screen shots by Bill Stack

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