• Lockheed Martin Releases New Prepar3D Video

    Lockheed Martin has released a new video about Prepar3D, their simulator which is based on Microsoft ESP and thus also closely related to FSX. Here is what they have to say:

    Prepar3D® simulation software presents a virtual world that spans from the depths of the ocean to suborbital space. See how Prepar3D can be used for immersive, experiential learning in this trailer. Since launching the software in 2010 as an evolution of Microsoft ESP technology for professional training and academic learning, Lockheed Martin has expanded ground and maritime settings, added camera sensors and enhanced its multi-player capability for distributed training exercises. Visit prepar3d.com.

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      JM) -
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      Schnell14 -
      Impressive Graphics, but I still don't know what the product is and how it ties into Flight Simulation.

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      Cflores87 -
      Does prepar have Crash Damage effects? hail? working online multilayer lobby? im looking for stuff flight sim x does not have... how about ATC? Prepar looks cool but im still waiting to be impressed. Down Drafts Up Drafts wind shear. more realistic weather effects over the aircraft. systems failures. weathering and icing on the wings. bird strikes.
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      Quote Originally Posted by JM) View Post
      Jim ,
      I am definitely interested in this, but are you familiar enough with exactly how it interfaces with a Flight Sim type program and what it does to educate us?

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      Schnell14 -
      Can someone summarize exactly how this interfaces with a flight sim type program and what it does?
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      It does not "interface with a flight sim type program", it IS a flight sim. It's based on Microsoft ESP which in turn is related to FSX. Many FSX add-ons apparently work with Prepar3D. Please note, though, that they are selling it only for training purposes, not for entertainment.
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      byron1976 -
      It's supposed to be compatible with the FS addons, is it true?
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      Prepar3d is the best flight simulator and is the future .....Sceneries FTX Orbx + Prepar3d + A2A simulation .....Marvellous !
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      captaind172 -
      I think version 2 that is suppose to be out late 2012 or early 2013 is the one to watch. Prepar3d is essentially FSX. On the surface it doesn't seem much different from FSX, because it isn't. I think they've expanded the usable world into and under the water as well as suborbital earth. What's important about Prepar3d is that it's FSX with development again. Microsoft has essentially left it untouched and full of bugs and holes. Lockheed intends to patch the holes, improve flight dynamics, and continue to give it future development. The other great thing, many current FSX add-ons are compatible with Prepar3d. That means developers can plan future products built on the FSX core.
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      bstikkel -
      What I understood from their website is, one needs a monthly subscription to use it.
      Appearantly attractive to not such a small amount of simmers, since more and more 'big' brands are starting to offer Prepar3D versions of their add-ons.
      Anyone around that has practical experience with Prrepar3D ? Can someone explain the advantages from Prepar3D above FSX ?

      Bram Stikkel
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      rockinrobin -
      So where are the remaining comments? The link at the top says there are 10 now, and I only see 3 above?

      Update: Now all 11 comments are visible???
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      PhoenixPilot -
      I listen to FSBreak podcast where they have discussed Prepar3D and still am unclear as to how a purchase of this program will do anything for me that I don't already have in FSX??

      Since it is so vague, I don't wonder if Lockheed Martin is keeping it that way to encourage us to think we are out of the loop if we don't purchase their version of this simualation?

      Still watching and listening, because I would welcome better stability and functionality in a sim that was similar to FSX.
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      slamsuger -
      SOUND please!! not muzak! - engine sound, ATC sound, etc!
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      Schnell14 -
      A monthly subscription does not appeal to me, although I guess that is not unusual with some of the multi-player games now; my son says he pays a monthly fee to play "World of Warfare". However, a new versionof PREPARE3D pending seems reason enough not to put out the cash right now, and possibly have to do it again in a few months.

      Nels, I could connect the sub-orbital earth part with a Flight Sim program, but the underwater world thing in their presentation really threw me.

      jpdegobert, your input sounds as though you are currently using it. Can you fill us in on the subscription thing and whether a new version is pending?
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      loki -

      Prepar3D is aimed at commercial and government markets, as opposed to FSX which is an entertainment title. Prepar3D comes from Microsoft's ESP product, which is basically the FSX core engine. If you are a pilot looking to use it for training, then it may be for you. They have a chart with the different license options.


      The subscription option is for developer use. Note the comment at the top about personal/entertainment use.

      Microsoft's original press release may also help you understand what it's aimed at.

    1. bstikkel's Avatar
      bstikkel -
      I never before read this license prizing page, but now I see this "the Prepar3D application is not to be used, offered, sold or distributed through markets or channels for use as a personal/consumer entertainment product." I understand, Prepar3D is not at all meant to be used for entertainment - which finally is what we simpilots go for, is n' it?
      This arises the question in me why so many flightsim-consumer brands do offer so many Prepar3D addons on so many flightsim-sites.
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      loki -
      It's an easy market to expand into as P3D is compatible with FSX add-ons right now. Whether or not this remains true with the next release remains to be seen. Many of the consumer products would be very useful for those using P3D for pilot training, for example.
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      Schnell14 -
      There seems to be a great deal of confusion about the meaning of the terms Lockheed Martin uses in their documentation.

      I would suggest that it might be beneficial for all interested in P3D to go to the PMDG General Forum (PMDG Home Page, under Forums) and read the sticky "Clarification on PMDG's Comments Regarding P3D And Lockheed Martin". It appears PMDG had made a statement that inferred or stated that P3D was not available to the general public, and they were "asked" by Lockheed Martin to retract that statement. I did not see the original comments by PMDG so don't know the exact wording.

      It seems that the phrase that contains "personal/consumer entertainment product", in LM's interpretation, does not mean that they will not sell it to any individual who wants it and is willing to pay for it. The term "Aimed at" apparently does not mean it is not available to others.
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      Schnell14 -
      My thanks to loki-The links you provided answered just about all of my questions.

      The intent and enforceabiity of the remaining one, which seems to me to intend to prohibit using P3D for entertanment, would probably require a lawyer or two, but I don't think it really means anything.

      Whether a product is used by an individual for entertainment, education or both seems to me to be a state of mind of that individual, and could not be determined by anyone else. I happen to enjoy (I guesss that is entertainment) learning (that is education).
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      It should be known that Prepar3D has a $50 academic Version now.
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