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    Real world GO/NO-GO decsisions...

    Thread Starter: RyanbATC

    How many real world pilots our here have ever been undecided about weathering a flight? I was tonight. I was supposed to fly a night dual flight at...

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    Landings steer to right in fs20

    Thread Starter: TaylorMade

    3 different a/c immediately take a hard right off the r/w after landing. Anyone else?

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    New guy can't turn the autopilot on from joystick

    Thread Starter: Rebrecs

    Hi all, I have been flying FSX. I recently purchased X-Plane. I would have very likely started with X-Plane but my system couldn't deliver what...

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    Utility to extract ILS, VOR and NDB information?

    Thread Starter: 2cvNation

    I can't find it, but can anyone please tell me whether there is a 'map' utility (as there was in FSX) from which one could quickly get ILS, VOR and...

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