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    Finding Files

    People quite often will ask why FlightSim.Com can't do something. More often than not, we already have the feature being asked for, the person asking just has not looked very hard. The site now is better organized with everything in a pretty consistant menu system so hopefully this will happen less often in the future.

    Finding files is the usual topic of this sort of question and I don't think many people realize just how many ways we offer to find files and certainly not how powerful these search tools are. Let's go over them and hopefully you too will learn something new!

    Basic File Search

    The basic file search offers two options: search by file name or search by text. Pretty easy to understand and most people probably never get beyond this feature. Just so it is clear, file names can be searched by complete name or by a name with wildcards. Searching by text lets you search on one or more words; the matching files will have all the words you selected present somewhere in the file description.

    Lots of times the basic search is good enough. But for those other times we offer an advanced search that has lots of options. Let's go through them from the top.

    Advanced File Search

    First is a dropdown that lets you select all file sections, a single file section or a group. The groups are based on the sims we support, for example you can search on "FSX - All Files" and get only FSX related files but they could be any kind of file (planes, scenery...).

    The next section "find files that have" has three parts; use the one that fits your needs. The first choice "all these words" is the same function available on the basic search and finds files where the description contains all the words you've listed. The second choice lets you search on a phrase which means the words you list must not only all be in the description but must be in the exact order you specify. The final option lets you find files that contains any word from the list you provide; any file that contains one or more of these words is a match.

    The next section "but don't show files that have" lets you reject from your search results any files that contain unwanted words you list. Please note that this section and the previous section can both be used in the same search. This lets you do some interesting things. For example, suppose you like KLM planes but don't want to flying anything built by Boeing. You could use "KLM" as the word to search on and "Boeing" as the unwanted word and you would then get a list of all KLM planes that are Airbus, etc. but are not Boeing.

    You've probably noted that many files are marked with icons. The next section lets you search for these files, including those that have YouTube videos, those that are complete ready to fly aircraft, those that are aircraft base models and those that are AI aircraft. Since files can have more than one icon attached to them you can select more than one icon if you wish for your search. For example, if you wanted to find base models of AI planes you would check both the "AI" and "B" icon check boxes before starting your search. Please note that the selections can be combined with all the earlier ones; i.e. you could do a search on the word "Airbus" and select the "B" (base models) icon check box and your results would show all aircraft base models for Airbus aircraft.

    The next section should be self-explanatory; it simply lets you select a range of dates to search. By default it includes the full range of files available but you can change either the starting or ending date as desired.

    The last search option is the file name search and it works just like on the basic search. Note that as before this option can be combined with all the other options.

    Your final choice is how to sort results. The default is to sort by date with newest files on the top. Other options let you sort by name, section, size or number of downloads.

    Now Look What You Can Do!

    Now that you know what is available you can do some really powerful searches when you need to. Some things may not be immediately obvious though. For example, if you were to leave every box blank except that you check the "B" (base model) check box you will get a list of every base model aircraft. In fact, leaving everything blank will get you search results--every file on the system! Change the sort to "downloads" and you've created a hot files list. Hopefully this will give you some ideas of things you can do with this tool.

    You might also want to look at some of the other file library options. Most likely you are aware of the various new files lists. But now you know the secret: those lists are just the results of searches that were set up in a specific way. Our speciality searches (top 100, world maps, airliners quick finder) are also just fancy front ends to the same searches that you now know how to do yourself.

    I hope this will help you enjoy the file library more and enable you to find the files you want.

    1. radf's Avatar
      radf -
      Thank you flightsim.com.. Search file options has done a big help on my hobby , specially on the aircrafts and sceneries search. Not to mention the add-on developers software . THANK YOU
    1. mikeknipe's Avatar
      mikeknipe -
      well done make life so much easier

      Quote Originally Posted by radf View Post
      Thank you flightsim.com.. Search file options has done a big help on my hobby , specially on the aircrafts and sceneries search. Not to mention the add-on developers software . THANK YOU
    1. maumaniac's Avatar
      maumaniac -
      Sorry guys, but I don't think the new layout adds anything at all. It may just be coincidence, with my computer having a go-slow day but the site now seems incredibly laggy as well - it can take up to a couple of minutes just for the search page to open, for instance.
    1. NR16020's Avatar
      NR16020 -
      A big complaint is that the filenames in the download library do not change color when a person clicks on them.
      Before (when it was much better) when browsing, I knew which files I had already downloaded by seeing the color difference of the filenames (the links).
      I have already downloaded hundreds of add-ons (I am a paid subscriber) so cannot remember all of them. Without the "color-change link", I now have to search my hard drive (almost) every time I am considering downloading a new add-on in order to see if I have it already.
      Not good.
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Quote Originally Posted by NR16020 View Post
      A big complaint is that the filenames in the download library do not change color when a person clicks on them.
      Not to worry, this is on my list of things to fix.
    1. torkermax's Avatar
      torkermax -
      I know its probably right in front of my eyes but. WHERE is the file library???
    1. oosterlo's Avatar
      oosterlo -
      In the old library, I could link to a certain file, from another website, using the following format:
      This doesn't work anymore with the new library. Is there another way to accomplish the same?
    1. Wing_Z's Avatar
      Wing_Z -
      Your Library search has always been the best in the business.
      Sounds as if it hasn't been broken...
      Good news, and well done on the new layout!
    1. biffer's Avatar
      biffer -
      Although I quite like the new 'clean' look of the site, I have to echo an earlier member's post - I've been experiencing horrendous time-lags when browsing the site (from the UK). Today was not so bad, but last week there was a point when I just had to give up waiting for the Home Page, let alone anything else. I'm hoping this is just a technical glitch that will get sorted in the near future. Perhaps the new look has attracted many more visits that have subsequently clogged-up the works ... who knows???
    1. marcoman's Avatar
      marcoman -
      New layout very well thought.
      ps. I have finally found the tags to search complete and base models...in File Library of course.
    1. lekkers's Avatar
      lekkers -
      Anyone--please i am searching for something that replaced flightsim manager ranainside that i can use to install panels gauges and aircraft.
      Thank you very much
    1. JSkorna's Avatar
      JSkorna -
      Quote Originally Posted by lekkers View Post
      Anyone--please i am searching for something that replaced flightsim manager ranainside that i can use to install panels gauges and aircraft.
      Thank you very much
      Wouldn't a new post in the proper FS forum yield better results than posting in an old thread that has nothing to do with your post?
    1. asos's Avatar
      asos -
      FS Panel Studio is a program that lets you add gauges and/or move gauges on any panel.
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