• Review: Bornholm Island 2011

    Review: Bornholm Island 2011

    By Bastian Blinten
    October 14, 2011

    Bornholm Island

    Bornholm is the easternmost Danish island situated in the Baltic Sea, 150 km east of the Danish mainland. It is much closer to Sweden, Germany and even Poland than to the rest of Denmark. The people of Bornholm make a living by agriculture, fishing and tourism.

    The airport has a 2000 meter runway as well as a short glider strip. It is served by several airlines like Cimber Sterling, Air Berlin, Sun Express or Thomas Cook Scandinavia. The airlines mainly use turboprops or jets up to the size of a 737.

    My personal interest in the scenery derives from a visit to Ronne airport nine years ago. My dad and I spent a week in Northern Germany and decided to take the Scheibe SF-25 Motorfalke from Ruegen to Bornholm. After some airborne sightseeing we landed at Ronne airport only to find that the weather was deteriorating and had to take off for a return flight after only 45 minutes. I've always wanted to see Scandinavia but thanks to the weather the experience was a short one and up till now all I've seen of Denmark is Ronne airport. A good reason to have another if only virtual look at the beautiful island in the Baltic Sea.


    What You Get

    Drzewiecki Design's scenery is a photorealistic representation of the island with textures changing according to the seasons. The package includes a mesh that you will hardly notice as the highest point of the island is 162 meters ASL. You will find a detailed representation of Ronne airport as well as the harbour with a moving passenger ship. The package comes with detailed instructions and airport charts.


    The download size of the scenery is 268 MB. The installation size is 759 MB. This review covers the FS2004 version which is - judging by screen shots - almost identical to the FSX version. The installation is uneventful as long as you choose the default installation folders. Changing it to my personal preferences resulted in a missing scenery registration and Bornholm 2011 didn't show up. This was quickly fixed by a manual entry in the scenery library.

    First Impressions

    Arriving at Bornholm at summer I found that it is a bright green spot in the blue sea. Most of the island is covered with fields, small forests and a few houses. Ronne is a pretty small town lying in the southwest of the island. It is by far the densest spot with many houses, a detailed representation of the harbor and the airport. Watching closely I find that the ground textures at the airport and seaport offer an even higher resolution than the rest of the island. Changing the season to autumn will result in dark green textures and the white winter textures will make you shiver. The night textures are very well done and show the rouds and houses.


    The Airport

    The airport is very well represented with everything in the right place and very good looks. The textures are crisp and clear. Comparing Bornholm 2011 with my photos from 2002 I can only comment that everything is 100 % in the right place and has the right looks. There is default AI traffic joined by a Cimber Sterling ATR 72 and a static business jet. According to my aircraft folder there should also be an AI Cimber 737-700 that I haven't seen yet.

    I was missing the glider airfield at Roe but after some research I found that it was given up and turned into a golf court about two years ago.


    The scenery offers some landmarks like lighthouses, churches, water towers and the ruin of castle Hammershus. According to photos the layout or the castle is correct.


    Funny Things

    I always find it a nice touch if there are moving elements in a scenery. These is a passenger ship departing from the Ronne port. In the airport vicinity you find cars literally racing along the road at frightening speeds. Better call the police. At least they slow down when they enter the airports parking lot. Maybe somebody has to catch his flight.

    Apart from that you can chose the ferry ship from the aircraft menu. It is a fictional one coming in three liveries. Somehow I couldn't figure out how to start the engine but there is always a go-around by lifting it into the air and putting it back into the sea. No - the ship can't fly like some sailing ships that I once had for FS2002. It more or less drops back into the water.

    Still you will be pleased when you enter the virtual cockpit. It lacks any textures but you can see the thrust lever and steering wheel move and you will find two attractive ladies impatiently moving their hands and feet. Shift + E lets you open the doors and you can use the tailhook to lower the anchor. If full throttle is applied the ships accelerates to 30 kts and you can go on a nice cruise. Unfortunately the ship has no sounds.

    If that's not enough fun and detail go and check the inside of the tower and terminal building at Ronne airport.



    759 MB is a big package for such a small island. I use a medium machine so I experience framerate drops especially when approaching the airport from the east. This means seeing the detailed airport and the port in the background at once. This is pretty much for my machine that usually performs at 25fps with all sliders pulled to the right. For a short moment they drop down to 9fps. Flying around the rest of the island framerates are around 20.


    • Highly detailed seasonal textures
    • Good looking night textures
    • Well done airport
    • Funny extras


    • Frame rate drops on slower machines


    Drzewiecki Design has done an excellent job on this holiday island. It offers a beautiful representation of all the important landmarks as well as of the complete island at day and night all year round. The airport is real eye candy. Given the all-round quality it is offered for a reasonable price.

    System used:

    2,8 GHz processor
    3 GB RAM
    528 MB video card

    Additional freeware used in screen shots:

    Scheibe SF-25 Motorfalke by Wolfgang Piper
    Stearman-Kaydet by David Eckert and Dennis Seeley
    Water textures by AFS-Design

    Bastian Blinten
    [email protected]

    Learn More Here

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