• Flight1 Releases GEX Atlantic And Pacific Tropics

    Flight1 Releases Ground Environment X Atlantic and Pacific Tropics.

    Flight One Software continues their coverage of the simulation world with the latest release in the Ground Environment X series, Ground Environment X - Atlantic and Pacific Tropics.

    Ground Environment X Atlantic and Pacific Tropics builds on the award winning techniques of the GEX series and continues using our new approach in texture design, incorporating high level detail graphics for use in Flight Simulator X. Ground Environment X brings all-new ground textures to FSX, and it boasts an incredible 1 m/pixel texture resolution, using native 1024x1024 pixel images, and includes all seasons, meticulously designed night textures, and the latest techniques in autogen placement and alignment. All this, while keeping maximum Flight Simulator performance in mind during development.

    The easy-to-use interface will provide for easy installing the new textures, and is designed with Flight1's "keep-it-simple yet powerful" philosophy.

    The following regions are represented in this release: Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Guam, Hawaii, Philippines, the Caribbean, parts of tropical Asia such as Indonesia and some stretches of northern South America With all currently available GEX regions installed (NA, EU, AFME) this package will have a high impact on both Asia and South America.

    Ground Environment X Atlantic/Pacific Tropics Features:

    • Coverage from the Philippines to Mexico/Central America, Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands.
    • 20% discount for GEX North America and Europe customers (ends Nov 31, 2011).
    • 30% discount for GEX Africa and the Middle East customers (unlimited time offer).
    • Major upgrade for GEX North America v1.90+ when installed with GEX NA.
    • Enhanced textures to assist in rendering clear visuals as low as 250-500ft.
    • High volume autogen layout with optimizations for maximum performance.
    • Synchronizes all GEX regions. No texture switching between regions.
    • Full texture support for SceneryTech and Xclass landclass products.
    • 1m/pixel - 1024x1024 Textures - No excessive resolution to render.
    • Automated file backup system with merged region backup storage.
    • Sync patches provided for UTX USA\Canada\UT Alaska.
    • FSX tree render issue addressed in autogen annotation.
    • Improved default FSX road night lighting.
    • Highly detailed aerial views.
    • Natural seasonal blending.

    For more information on GEX Atlantic and Pacific Tropics, please visit here, or visit Flight1 directly at http://www.flight1.com.

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