• A Word (Or Two Or Three) From The FS-Wives

    A Word (Or Two Or Three) From The FS-Wives

    By Ron Blehm (14 February 2011)

    Are we anything short of insane? Why would we tempt fate by going on and asking our wives what they think about our flight simming habits? Well, we thought it may make for a fun Op-Ed for the readers of FlightSim.Com. So, in the name of science, we sucked it up and went ahead and asked our dearly beloved widows what flight simming really meant to them.

    The first wife we heard from lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the US and said, "I love that he sims. He's made some nice friends and it keeps him off the streets." The second wife said, "While it pains me to admit it, our lives have actually been enhanced by these ... 'goofballs' you hang out with." Okay, maybe these two have been drinking something in the water? A wife in Texas offered, "... I just figured he'd play the game alone. I had no idea there were so many nut cases in the world!" Hey! Are we hearing some kind of a theme here?

    We hoped to maybe have a different reception in Australia where one wife offered that she had been tempted to start an "FS Widows Blog" but then figured out that she was never given any computer time thanks to the flightsim addiction. She also added that simming and a new PC every couple of years is still cheaper than buying/building/crashing racing cars - and not nearly so dangerous!

    "Once upon a time" wrote another wife from down under, "I thought I'd have a husband who would come home after work and at least sit by the TV with me. Now, he heads straight for the computer! It's not really my fantasy." Well guys, you can't win them all; certainly responses could have been worse!

    In South America one wife said that she sees her husband hunched over the computer clutching something between his legs and muttering. She just has to go shopping at that point! Another one of our simmers in Brazil said that occasionally his wife will offer him coffee on long flights but most often when she walks into the room he immediately crashes. Always trying help our fellow simmers, we suggested that he try the autopilot next time!

    We thought that we may have different luck with wives in Europe, so we asked them too. A friend of ours who sims in Germany, said, "She hated it. It seemed to her that all those jerks in 'that box' seem to have been more important than she herself or the kids. It must be said that the situation improved a bit after two friends visited last year. They behaved less worse than she probably expected. It was helpful that they showed the ability to lead a normal conversation without making engine sounds in between or rattle at imaginary yokes when sitting at the table." An Austrian wife wrote, "I knew that he was into a computer game when we started dating but we never talked much about that aspect of his life. When we were married and I moved in with him was when I realized that there were others. By then it was too late to change for either of us and I had to accept that this was now part of my life. 'For better or for worse', right?" Another wife said, "I really couldn't care less about his computer game but at the start of each month I have to sit through an evening dinner and listen to him talk about the next flight on the computer. Generally it's a small price for keeping him at home." At this point it was sounding to us like, so long as we behaved in a civil manner and didn't live chat with predators this simming thing was pretty well tolerated by our better halves.

    "If given the options of www.flightsim.com or internet porn I guess I'm glad he does simming." We didn't know these were the only two options but I'm sure the staff here will be happy to hear that news!

    "Ten thousand photography web sites and he goes to www.airliners.net. I don't get it." Well, how do we explain that one? I guess she needs to see the quote above.

    A wife in Japan said that she actually likes to trade recipes with other FS wives from her husband's virtual airline. We agree that this sounds like a good idea! Last year one of us asked for a holiday recipe from Germany and the response back was, "Recipe? We just run down to the grocery and buy it."

    Well, this venture certainly wasn't as painful as we might have imagined. The group at TooMuchFS have been flying together for about ten years; we have shared births and deaths and graduations and have travelled half-way around the world to see each other. We watch CNN and are concerned when the news impacts our mates. Surely these are some of our closest friends and we owe it all to flight simming (photo below) and our more-than-tolerant wives!

    This venture has gotten us wondering though ... What's your story? We'd love to hear how this hobby of ours has made life better for you or your family. What experiences can you share about how simming has changed your view of the real world? You can find us at: www.toomuchfs.com or choose to LIKE "FS Flight Club International" on www.facebook.com. Then, go take your special someone out to dinner, "Just Because".

    Ron Blehm
    [email protected]

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