• Review Top 10 Add-Ons For 2009 And Tribute To Mel Rafi

    Review Top 10 Add-Ons For 2009 And Tribute To Mel Rafi

    By David Grindele (19 December 2009)

    Dear flightsim brothers

    First of all I want to say Merry Christmas, and I hope you and yours are doing fine. I find myself at a loss for words, and wanted to thank each and everyone of you that has dropped me an email thanking me for the conversions I have done to Mel's aircraft. I am not the one to thank, it's Mel, he is the one that deserves the credit. I just didn't want his aircraft to go away with the new versions of Flightsim that are out there.

    Mel was a friend of mine and his aircraft are his legacy. You know it's hard to improve on perfect and you cannot purchase an aircraft with everything Mel put into his creations. All I did was find a way to keep them alive and made improvements on them with the technology we have today that wasn't around then.

    All of my buds are getting older now and we have been messing with Flightsim since FS4 when it looked like a bad Atari game and I have wanted to thank all of you for sticking with FS for so long.

    I also wanted to say thanks to the aircraft painters, panel designers and sound creators. I know as I am refurbishing these aircraft I don't include your names in the files which I would like to do but I always try and thank each and every one of you, for without you guys these fine aircraft wouldn't exist, And the file would be so big Nel would most likely send it back to me.

    Now to business, I have been testing and have bought a lot of stuff this year plus the things I have been sent to test from different companies. Well it's time to come down to the 10 top products I think worth purchasing and worth the money and don't kill the pocket book. My rating system is stars 1 being the lowest 5 as the highest.

    So here we go...

    1. A2A 3D Lights & Redux - Reason: Best add-on of the year, Truly makes aircraft come to life

    2. Wilco Tilt Rotor - Reason: Great flight dynamics and visual model is great

    3. Carenado All Aircraft - Reason: Easy to fly, great flight dynamics realistic everything, great model for FSX or FS2004

    4. Captain Sim 757 - Reason: Captain you went out of your way on this one, truly a realistic aircraft

    5. A2A Wings of War - Reason: If you are looking for WWII aircraft, look no further; these are so realistic you are in the war

    6. CLS DC-10 - Reason: Just an all around beautiful aircraft

    7. Cloud9 All Scenery - Reason: Beautiful scenery from Rome to Washington; you can't go wrong

    8. Abacus Repaint - Reason: Easy tutorial, and just a fun program to repaint aircraft

    9. PMDG 747 Queen of the Sky - Reason: Manuals are a little hard to understand

    10. AES - Reason: Great scenery but it's pay as you go, you never really own the program

    These are my own opinions and have nothing to do with FlightSim.Com or their affiliates. If you would like to comment: please do, Your opinons are always welcome.

    My 1st place award goes to - A2A
    My 2nd Place award goes to - Carenado
    My 3rd Place award goes to - Cloud9

    David Grindele
    [email protected]

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