• Legends Of Flight DC-3

    Legends Of Flight DC-3 By Just Flight

    By Peter Carlson

    The Douglas DC-3 is one of the most iconic aircraft in America, and in the world. It has served for 75 years, and proven to be one of the toughest and most expendable aircraft in history and will undoubtedly continue to serve in the many years to come.

    The Model

    Just Flight has marketed this product, made by Aeroplane Heaven, who has made the Constellation Professional and the upcoming de Havilland Comet. This is a nice model, good textures, good sounds and it follows the contours of the Douglas DC-3/C-47. These two models, the DC-3, an airliner, and the C-47 a military transport, freighter, and jump plane are modeled well and are fly realistically. There are many animations, from doors opening, cowl flaps, windows and all the cockpit goodies, including the 'hamburger door' by the cockpit and engines.

    First Impressions

    I had high expectations for this product, when I received the review copy, it was highly regarded, it had many praises, and people seemed to love this. I have the Constellation Professional, which I do enjoy flying much of the time, and I expected even more from this. This product however, doesn't have the features that many others do. Many gauges and switches do not have their labels when the mouse is scrolled over them; many switches with a useful function aren't clickable, and the cockpit viewpoints somewhat obscure the many things in this cockpit.


    The interior is modeled well, it looks like a real DC-3, and everything is in its place. Explaining the textures is a bit complicated; they are high quality in the sense of picture, but middle-grade when it comes to complexity. The cockpit does the job, but it leaves some things wanted. I like the cockpit, it's simple and effective, like the real DC-3 cockpit, but it still doesn't have the real-world photo-real textures {taken from actual aircraft and mapped into the VC} that are becoming now the standard in most add-ons. The gauges work well; however their Service Pack 1 changes the airspeed indicator to knots when it should be in mph, as was the standard until much after the war.


    With the exterior, it's a different story. The textures are high quality and the show what a real DC-3 should look like. There are some good default liveries, American, Delta, United, Lufthansa, Capital, British European (BEA), and Cambrian. For the C-47 model, we have four USAF paints for different squadrons, three for airlift, and jumping, and one as an AC-47 gunship named 'Puff'. Also is the neat Waco glider, with is great both inside and out, fun to fly and can be towed by the C-47.

    Nice Touches

    The Waco glider is a nice touch, used in Normandy to bring troops and their stuff in from the air. You can select with a utility either the Maule or C-47 as the default tow plane, and tow any glider like the DG-808S with the C-47, not just the Waco. Also nice is the cars that drive up to the open door of the DC-3 and fully animated crew.


    The sound set is nice, and sounds like the real thing, however the sounds will be mixed up occasionally with both idle and high-rpm sounds being played simultaneously.

    Bottom Line

    This is a nice product, fun to fly, and although it isn't the pinnacle of add-on quality, it's still good. Although there are many issues; first being that, many things in the cockpit don't work. The feather buttons don't feather the propeller properly; you can't control many things such as parking brake, tail wheel lock and a few others with the click of a mouse. The Delta Air Lines texture isn't shiny, and looks like its painted gray, when there's a hydraulic failure (with the gear in the stowed position); the gear stays in place, but in the real DC-3/C-47 the gear will freefall if the hydraulics goes out. However, aside these problems, I think you can still have fun in this plane, and it is currently the only DC-3 on the market, and is still a good buy especially if you're into simple flying, not the procedural and ultra-realistic simulations that are quickly becoming popular.


    Nice exterior textures, nice animations, neat features like glider, tow plane C-47 and animated crew (from exterior).


    Bland cockpit, it does the job, but doesn't have real-world textures, inaccurate hydraulic failures, boring material textures on the bare metal planes.


    Some sounds get mixed up, props won't feather with the feather button, tail wheel lock other can't be manually selected (with mouse).


    This aircraft was tested in the Seattle area, using the Orbx: FTX Pacific Northwest Blue add-on courtesy of Orbx. Also seen for high-altitude flying is Lake Tahoe, with default land textures and Aerosoft's Mega Airport Barcelona.

    Peter Carlson
    [email protected]

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