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  1. PA32 XC: Illinois to Washington

    In 1996 I bought a Piper Saratoga (PA-32-301) through an aircraft broker. He flew it from the east coast to Illinois. I flew it from Illinois to Washington. This is a recreation of that flight. Although my plane was a fixed gear Saratoga, the best virtual approximation I have found is a Cherokee Six (PA-32-300). They are almost the same, and I even had more than one controller call me “Cherokee” instead of “Saratoga”.

    Aurora, Illinois to Sandwich, Illinois: I depart Aurora for Sandwich, ...

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  2. Random rantings

    Is the era of the super heavies dying already?,

    After reading a number of articles in aviation trade magazines over the past few months it is starting to become clear that airlines are starting to review their super heavy programmes, and the economic figures look rather bleak.
    Malaysia airlines has already announced that they will be selling off their A380s ( albeit they are in financial trouble ) as they are uneconomic to run and service compared to A350s and 777s. More concerning ...
  3. I've Had a Great Idea................"Oh No" (pt2)

    The negations with my partner have been progressing better than I had been expecting, she seems rather intrigued with my latest idea. Well I say intrigued but it could well be perplexed, concerned, humoured by, or she could be all of those things its a little hard to know. She did say to me "you are definitely having a mid life crisis" in that half joking half should I be getting concerned kind of a way.
    I showed her my plans that I had drawn up thus far along with a rather large ...
  4. "I've had a great idea".............Oh no, (Pt1)

    It was over dinner and a few glasses of red wine that I thought it was time to broach a difficult subject with my partner of ten years. A subject that I had been wanting to discuss for a few months. I started off the conversation with the immortal words "I've had a great idea".

    The response was what I had expected, it was a sigh, and with her head in her hands she let out a muffled "Oh no"

    I've had a history of sharing my great ideas with her so ...
  5. Cherokee XC: Texas to Washington (Day 3)

    Harris Ranch to Red Bluff: I start on the narrow runway, with both wings of the Cherokee extending beyond the pavement. I am already pointing in the direction of my route, so I take off and climb straight ahead. I stay below 3000 feet, as there is no dangerous terrain along the flightpath. The scenery is nice, with lots of green. I crank up the sim rate to 8x and speed through California, trying to maintain a straight line. I bust through the Sacramento airspace, with hardly time to look out the ...
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