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    Pirate Bay is continuing to adjust its URL because of several sanctions from different authorities. So if you can't access the official website, try searching on Google or the other search engines for the name Pirate Bay. This will help you find an updated URL for the site. Alternatively you can use the various available pirate proxy sites.
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    There are a few reasons why users may not be able to access EZTV when they want some new material downloaded. Because it is a website, there's always a chance it's blocked in your area. This is because they often tend to switch their servers from the old domain to a new one. So, using EZTV proxy sites is the best way to access that.
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    Kickass proxies are web proxies for connecting directly to Kickass Torrents, or other torrent pages. Kickass Torrents was shut down several times, and had to travel around in order to escape legal issues. But you don't need to worry we have collected Kickass proxy Sites list to Kickass Unblocked.
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