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  1. FSX World Tour, Leg 6

    Right well you may all be wondering why I am starting with Leg 6 of my world tour. Well this is simply due to the fact that in Legs 1-5 it did not occur to me to take any screenshots or make any writings.

    Leg 6.
    Agadez, Niger - Dakar, Senegal

    Very challenging flight. Bad storms all the way made for some challenging flying. The landscape was pretty flat most of the way although saw some interesting sights over the Massina region of the River ...
  2. FSX World Tour

    Hi everyone, my name is Tom and this is my first entry into this Blog.

    I have been flying in the FS world for about 7 years and have spent a few of those years as a pilot for many virtual airlines.

    However, as of late I have found myself flying in and out of many airports that I have visited time and again. So i began to wonder about the other airports in the FSX world that I have never visited or never would and wondered what interesting places of the FSX world there ...
  3. Sailing

    Well, I've been a bit busy this week, been sailing all week. Talk about tired, but fun.

    So no flying or development work. Hope to have some more news about these things in a couple of days.
  4. Twelve years of flight simming

    This new blog feature is interesting, isn't it? Suddenly you're faced with some of the problems professional writers have, which is to find something interesting to say. I thought I'd start at the beginning, which for me, was in the spring of 1996. I'd bought a used PC from a friend, paid another friend to modify it, as it would not run the original Need For Speed as it was. I also got online as soon as possible. My first attempt at downloading an aircraft for Flight Simulator, and it was FS5.1 ...
  5. My "fascinating" career -

    In one of Mike's Blogs he wrote: "Would you open a thread in your blog giving the highlights of your career, and then we can do another interview."

    At first I said I would not, but, what the hey? What follows is a brief synopsis of what Mike calls my..."fascinating career".

    Born at an early age in the 30s.
    Educated in a semi-public grade school through the 7th Grade.
    Boarding schools 8 through 12.
    College year.
    Army ...
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