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  1. Career Requirements for an Aviation Engineer

    Have you considered a career in aviation engineering? Aviation engineers are the backbone of the aircraft manufacturing field. They are the employees dedicated to all functions from design to maintenance of aircraft, satellites and missiles before assembly. They also troubleshoot problems that may arise during operation. Here are some things to help you understand more about this career option, and how you can prepare for a career in the field.
    Required Supplies
    Having the correct ...
  2. The Top Technology To Keep Track of Blood Sugar

    If you have diabetes, then you know that keeping your blood sugar in the proper balance is crucial to good health and well-being. Out-of-control blood sugar can lead to problems such as damage to your internal organs, including your heart and your kidneys along with damage to your vision. You can even wind up with gum disease and lose your teeth.
    Many people have a blood sugar imbalance and don't even realize it. If you're getting fungal infections or struggle with infertility your blood ...
  3. 4 Key Reasons You Should be Recycling Equipment

    As a business owner, you should do what you can to protect the environment. You can do your part by recycling your used equipment and reusing things.
    Here are four key reasons why recycling equipment is a big deal:

    1. It Saves Energy

    Recycling equipment takes less energy than manufacturing new products from scratch. In fact, recycling just one computer can save enough energy to power an entire household for six months.

    In short—recycling business ...
  4. Top 4 Problems With Flying and How to Tackle Them

    Let's face it, flying is an insanely convenient form of travel, but it comes with its fair share of hassles. You could live ten lifetimes before meeting someone who genuinely enjoys the process of air travel, from security to customs. But thankfully, experienced travelers have tackled most of the major issues and have come up with ways to overcome them.

    Lack of Entertainment
    Say you've prepared so well for this flight that you can't imagine having a moment of boredom. But with ...
  5. 3 Iconic Movies That Focus on Investing

    If you're a professional in the world of investing, or at least an interested party, you're in luck entertainment-wise. There's a wide range of movies that tackle this subject, many of which are critical darlings. So, if you want to start a watch list, here are three iconic movies that focus on investing.

    1. Wall Street
    When audiences think of investment movies, Wall Street is probably the first film that comes to mind. There's a good reason for this. Not only is Wall Street ...
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