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  1. Five Airline Marketing Strategies

    There are many different types of advertising and marketing techniques available these days. Some of the tried and true strategies you have always used may still work, but it is never a bad idea to consider new ways. If you are in the airline business or responsible for marketing for an airline company, you should read this article for tips.

    Consider Email Marketing
    Most adults and even older children have an email account, if not several accounts, that they check daily or ...
  2. Simple Ways to Unwind and Destress

    Life can be hectic, and depending on the job you work, it’s not uncommon to deal with high stress. Even if you have the job of your dreams, there are going to be times where stress shows up. Unfortunately, many people think ignoring the stress will make it go away. The truth is, if you don’t know how to unwind and decompress, the stress will continue to build.
    Stress does a toll on the body, and if you’re living with mounting pressure and not doing anything about it, your body could ...
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  3. 5 Tips For Preventing Pilot Fatigue

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    Pilots must be well rested to focus on their job – which is to fly a plane. Before a pilot gets in the cockpit, they need to pay attention to how they feel. If the pilot is not well-rested, it can pose a huge threat to passengers and other pilots in the air. In fact, being well-rested is one of the essential things a pilot can do before flying. It is understood that most pilots go through several time changes and must engage in long flights. ...
  4. How To Board Your Dog on a Flight

    Taking your dog on a plane can be nerve-wracking for you both if you have never done so before. Many dogs are nervous on trips, and if you cannot be next to your furry friend, you're likely not sure what to expect. Despite how nervous you both might be feeling, there are ways you can mitigate the stress and uncertainty. These suggestions can help you and your pet feel better equipped before you take your flight together.

    Determine the Purpose of Your Flight
    First, ask yourself ...
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  5. Recycling Old Aircraft Parts

    You may think that reusing old aircraft parts is a bad idea, but if it is done correctly there is no reason why plane parts can’t be recycled for a new purpose. Recycling parts instead of throwing them away not only helps to cut costs but it is also better for the environment, as it keeps these parts out of landfills. Beyond this, though, aircraft parts are being put to use in some very creative ways. Here are just a few ways that plane parts can be reused.

    Stripping the Aircraft ...
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