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  1. Keeping Your Data Secure While Traveling

    Traveling is one of the joys of life. Whether for work or leisure, the prospect of exploring a new place is an exciting one. It's always recommended you be aware of your surroundings, carry copies of identification, and use ATMs during daylight hours. Your physical safety is not the only thing you need to keep in mind while traveling, though. Your digital safety needs careful attention as well. Follow the pointers below to keep your data and personal information secure.

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  2. Flight Attendant Dietary Tricks You Need to Boost Your Energy Levels

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    Navigating the airways every day requires a level of stamina and energy that can be difficult to fathom. Flight attendants need enough energy to maintain a welcoming and stable presence as every flight on their itinerary navigates the skies. While some of this can come from their personality and presence, there is also a dietary component that is also necessary. If you want to maintain the levels of energy that flight attendants do, you need a diet that ...
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  3. How Airline Pilots Can Stay Fit and Healthy

    Airline pilots, like any other skilled vehicle operator, spend a lot of time seated. Long days, time zone changes and irregular eating habits can make it difficult for pilots to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and even more difficult to stay fit.
    Fortunately, there are things you can do to recalibrate your routine to accommodate health-minded practices, even when your flight schedule is erratic or busy. Read on for several simple, effective tips you can utilize to help you stay in good shape ...
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  4. Things To Do on Your California Layover

    Travel can be exciting, but layovers are typically viewed as a frustrating yet inevitable element of flying, especially if you're trying to fly for less. Some layovers are for an awkward amount of time, and it can be difficult to decide on the best use of your limited amount of time in a new location. If you find yourself in California, there's an overwhelming number of options available, and you may struggle to choose! Here are just some things you can do on your layover.

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  5. How Do Airlines Sell Their Plane Tickets?

    There are so many working parts of the world in which we live that function on the periphery of our daily lives, that is, until the exact moment we desperately need to understand what is going on. One such example of this is how airlines work. Specifically, when you need to purchase a reasonably priced flight to somewhere you need to go, you immediately wish that you knew how airline ticket sales functioned. If you have ever considered learning about this, now is the time! Here is a brief explanation ...
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