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  1. Why It's Paramount Airports Have Reliable Switchgear

    Switchgear is the centralized protection and control for the generators, motors, lines, transmissions and feeders of a medium-voltage system. These compact systems make and secure the electrical connections between substations and homes and businesses. Switchgear is what ensures you have power when you need it. So it is no wonder that airports depend on reliable switchgear. Read on to learn more about the importance of switchgear and the airport functions it supports.

    Switchgear ...
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  2. Tips to Help You Pick Your Next Used Car

    When shopping for used cars, there are plenty of factors to consider. Buying any car is a significant investment, and used cars, in particular, bring with them a unique set of variables. Here are some tips for finding a quality used car that you can trust.

    Used vehicles come in a variety of conditions, ranging from broken-down and non-functional to pristine and like-new. The former is far more common than the latter, and that is, unfortunately, not always obvious ...
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  3. Maine

    Eastport-Houlton: To continue on my journey to the Northeast corner of the U.S., I left the Atlantic behind and headed 355 degrees. Even though the ocean was behind me, there was still plenty of water all around. At 2500 feet, I was higher than any terrain in my path, but I could see individual trees below. Much of my route was in Canada, as shown by the St. Stephen airport identifier (CCS3) when I flew over. Canada out the right window looks just like Maine out the left. The lakes began to be fewer ...
  4. Northeast U.S. Coast

    Long Island-Montauk-Block Island: My next flight was again in daytime. I departed Long Island McArthur airport in the Cherokee Six (PA32), leaving the New York City skyline behind. I continued along the island, all the way to Montauk. It is most certainly a long island, at around 100 miles. It was interesting to see green and brown below the plane, with blue on either side. From the tv show The Affair, I had gathered that Montauk is isolated. The view from the air confirmed it. I wasn’t quite ...
  5. 4 Tips For Preparing to Go On a Long Distance Flight

    If you've only flown short distances, flying might be something you consider a breeze. Just pack a magazine and a snack and you'll be fine for a couple of hours. But flying long distances, sometimes 12 hours or more, is a whole other ballgame. You'll have to be prepared for the challenges, both physical and mental, of your journey. Here are a few tips for making your next long-distance flight a little easier.

    1. Buying Your Ticket
    When flying on an average two to three-hour ...
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