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  1. How Metal Stamping Is Used in the Aerospace Industry

    The aerospace industry requires a wide variety of equipment and an even wider variety of components that work together to make that equipment function properly and safely. Perhaps in this industry more than any other, parts must be tough and work efficiently, continuously, and meticulously. Metal stamping is a technique that is used to create this equipment, equipment that fulfills these requirements and more.

    What Is Metal Stamping?
    The shaping of metal goes back to the craftsmen ...
  2. How Airlines Are Incorporating Green Initiatives

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    Flight has made travel accessible to nearly everyone in the United States. It's affordable and fast, replacing the family road trip of weeks with a few hours to nearly any destination in the world. On the other hand, accessibility comes at a price. The aviation industry causes about 5 percent of global warming, leading to what has been termed "flight shaming." Flight shaming is the negative reaction to flight, accusing fliers of wasting resources ...
  3. The Technology Bringing Airlines Into the Future

    The future of travel is rapidly transforming due to innovations in technology, and air travel is no exception. The airlines embracing technology and using it to improve their operation are proving to be the most successful, and it'll only become more important for airlines to become more tech-savvy in the future. Here are a few ways airlines are utilizing technology to improve workflow and operations

    When you get to the airport, what processes are ...
  4. How Airlines Take Covid Precautions For Flight Attendants

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    If you have flown in the last 40 years or so, you know the drill. The flight attendant dangles a yellow plastic buttercup and demonstrates how to use it. You are instructed to make sure you put one on yourself before you put one on the child or other dependent person next to you. The message is pretty clear: you cannot take care of other people if you do not take care of yourself first. The irony of this command, repeated on countless occasions ...
  5. How Pilots Stay Healthy

    Pilots are often imagined to lead glamorous lives filled with every luxury available. We often see pilots strolling leisurely through the airports looking relaxed in their neatly pressed uniforms. But it takes a lot of training and practice to become a pilot. Even when a pilot has made it to the major airlines, they are required to continue their education and are tested on the specifics of each new aircraft. Commercial pilots have a tremendous amount of responsibility since they can be transporting ...
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