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  1. A Self Assessment is an Important Pre-Flight Checklist Item

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    When it comes to getting an aircraft off of the ground, there is a lot that goes into it. Not only must the airway be clean, organized and free of obstacles, but certain steps have to be followed to avoid disaster. When you're in charge of piloting an airplane there are a number of things that need to be assessed before allowing a flight to go through. One of the most important pre-flight checklist items though, is taking care of yourself.

    Pre-Flight ...
  2. 747 needs MOD fix lights

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    Just as there is a group MOD doing wonderful improvements in the Airbus 320 Neo, I wish the 747 will be tackled next. Its badly needed.

    One thing that shouldnt be too difficult is change the cockpit light colors to a tone of red, and green in the FMC

    I have enclosed two photos of real night 747 cockpits compared to a third from MSFS2020
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  3. Pensacola,FL - Belleview,FL

    For the final leg from Austin to my new home in Central Florida, I will be flying across open water for long stretches. In a real plane, I would stay within gliding distance of land, but I am not worried about engine failure in FS9 (unless I ask for it.) Again, I will be flying the Cessna 172.

    I spawn on Runway 1 at Pensacola NAS, and have a look around. There are trees and military-style housing near the runway. Suddenly, a large tree grows right before my eyes, blocking a house! ...
  4. New Orleans,LA - Pensacola,FL

    For this leg of the trip, I'm taking the Cessna 172, the default plane for FS9. As such, it is beautifully rendered. The high wing will make it easier to look out the windows. I spawn on Runway 35 at Louis Armstrong airport. I see what appears to be the city of New Orleans on the horizon, so I decide to take a tour downtown before heading on course. What I find is more of those strange factories(?) with tall smokestacks, and one cubic building that looks about 10 stories high. A hotel/casino, perhaps? ...
  5. Lake Charles,LA to New Orleans

    The next leg on my trip to Florida was to New Orleans, heading 087. I took off to the north in the Cherokee Six and turned right. There was not as many wetlands as I had expected until about halfway into the hour-long trip. I could still see the Gulf on the right horizon. As I approached New Orleans, the program started glitching, especially in the spotter plane view. Random triangles and polygons of a different view flickered and pulsed on the screen, as if glimpsing into another dimension. The ...
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