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  1. Think Outside the Plane: Interesting Jobs in the Aviation Industry

    Interested in a career in the airline industry? If you're like most people, your first thoughts were probably becoming a pilot or a flight attendant. But did you know there are a slew of fascinating job opportunities beyond the obvious ones? Take a look at some of them, and you'll realize that the sky's the limit when it comes to making your livelihood in aviation.

    Keeping It All Operating Smoothly

    Are you friendly, persuasive, and calm under pressure? If so, you might ...
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  2. Travel Essentials You Absolutely Can’t Forget Before Flying

    It has been said that there are few experiences like travel. If your life feels like it is stuck in a rut and your brain requires a bit of new stimulation, then packing your bags and exploring places far and unfamiliar can help immensely. Of course, it is not as simple as hopping a plane and jetting to parts unknown. If you are going to have a successful experience while taking a trip, you need to put a good amount of thought into the items you pack for your journey.

    Forgetting an ...
  3. 4 Tips for Staying Healthy as an Airplane Pilot

    Flying planes for a living comes with a certain amount of risks along with the many rewards. Not only does the job itself come with some possibility of danger, but there are health concerns that could creep up on you after years of sitting for a job. This article will help you identify some of those risks and come up with ways to prevent issues before they arise.

    1. Stay Hydrated
    The importance of hydration to health can often seem overstated, but neglecting to hydrate properly ...
  4. Surprising Health Issues That Airline Pilots Face

    Traveling by air can be exhausting, especially if you're flying across several time zones To combat fatigue, it's wise to dress comfortably and get up and move during your flight. Airline pilots, unfortunately, can't take the same liberty as passengers. You rarely see a pilot during a flight because they remain inside a tiny cockpit for what can be hours on end. Because of this, pilots are more apt to experience burnout as well as one of the following six health issues.

    Poor Diet ...
  5. Important Parts of an Airplane

    Airplanes are ubiquitous in modern life, making long-distance travel relatively cheap and widely available. Flying is now a luxury that many can afford, allowing quick travel across the country or even around the world. Believe it or not, humanity just started flying in the early 1900s. How far we've come over the past century! The airplane is a bit of a mechanical marvel. Let's consider some of the key parts of modern aircraft.

    Airplanes are typically equipped with ...
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