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  1. 3 Reasons to Charter Your Next Business Flight

    Although a private jet can appear to some as little more than a glamorous mode of transportation, experienced business owners use it to boost efficiency, cut costs, and stay ahead of the competition. When time and money are your most valuable assets, flying private will help you save both.

    1. More Efficient Use of Time
    The fact that the plane will not depart before you arrive is one aspect of private travel that professionals find appealing. You'll never miss a flight if you're ...
  2. Reasons To Become a Pilot

    Human beings have probably always looked to the sky and dreamed about traveling above the earth as the birds do. Incredibly, it has only been about 100 years since that dream has become a practical reality. Getting a license to fly a plane and become a pilot takes hard work and dedication, but the rewards can be very rich. If you've been thinking about becoming a pilot, here are some reasons to go ahead with it.

    Convenient Travel
    Would you like to travel to somewhere exotic ...
  3. 4 Tips for Buying a Family Car

    If you’ve got a growing family, the next car you purchase probably isn’t going to be like the sporty roadster in which you might have driven in your younger days. When it comes to choosing the right vehicle for your brood, it’s time to get practical about your new set of wheels. Here are four things to consider when buying a family car.

    Is It Safe?
    For most parents, the safety of their children is a top priority. As a starting point, you should check the crash safety ratings ...
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  4. What Are the Different Parts of an Airplane?

    An airplane is a complex piece of machinery. It has to be able to defy gravity and remain airborne. Its workings can seem mysterious to laypeople on the ground. However, there is nothing mystical or magical about an airplane's functioning. It is made up of many different mechanical parts, and those parts all work together under a pilot's operation to get the plane off the ground.

    The cockpit is the area of the plane where the pilot and co-pilot sit during the flight ...
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  5. How To Prepare for Your First Flight Lesson

    Have you always dreamed of soaring through the sky while operating a plane completely unassisted? Does perfecting the skills of taking off, flying, and landing an aircraft sound like the ideal way to spend your free time? If flying lessons are on your list of hobbies to master, now is the time to check that box! Until recently, flight school was unavailable to most non-military individuals. However, aviation training is currently experiencing increasing popularity among civilians across the country. ...
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