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  1. How Airlines Make Flight Safe

    While it’s commonplace these days, it wasn’t all that long ago that flight was thought to be impossible. Even today, there are many factors working against aircraft, and much of airplane design is based around trying to overcome otherwise insurmountable forces. Here’s what you need to know.

    Air Traffic

    While the average person doesn’t have to consider the logistics of air traffic, that’s only because the problem has already been addressed. The traffic into and out ...
  2. Flightsimming Comes To Real Aviation

    What goes around comes around...

    We all know the cliche about flightsimming being "as real as can be". And surely this has become more and more true with each advance in flight simulator versions. But now it's turned around as flightsimming is coming to real aviation.

    This week Garmin announced the new Aera 796 GPS unit. It's "hand held" in that it does not mount in a plane's panel though it's kind of big. But what struck me on seeing this is its ...
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