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  1. Twelve years of flight simming

    This new blog feature is interesting, isn't it? Suddenly you're faced with some of the problems professional writers have, which is to find something interesting to say. I thought I'd start at the beginning, which for me, was in the spring of 1996. I'd bought a used PC from a friend, paid another friend to modify it, as it would not run the original Need For Speed as it was. I also got online as soon as possible. My first attempt at downloading an aircraft for Flight Simulator, and it was FS5.1 ...
  2. My "fascinating" career -

    In one of Mike's Blogs he wrote: "Would you open a thread in your blog giving the highlights of your career, and then we can do another interview."

    At first I said I would not, but, what the hey? What follows is a brief synopsis of what Mike calls my..."fascinating career".

    Born at an early age in the 30s.
    Educated in a semi-public grade school through the 7th Grade.
    Boarding schools 8 through 12.
    College ½ year.
    Army ...
  3. Race Of The Century

    Being involved in aviation does allow us to do some fun things. Though I was just a spectator, I did do something fun aviation related this past weekend that I thought I'd share here.

    The event was called the "Race Of The Century" and was hosted by the Collings Foundation at their HQ only a few minutes from where I live. Must be nice...big house, huge barn containing an amazing antique car collection, a hangar bigger than any at my ...
  4. Fruits of my labour.

    by , 08-18-2008 at 12:31 PM (Rantings of a Radio Operator)
    I didn't realise how quick I was at repainting aircraft. An hour after I posted last night, I'd finished. I then made some tweaks on it and added a few details.

    Here was the original from the first flight for those who missed it on the Screenshot Forum.

    Here it is, as of this morning, with sponsorship logos. I'm going to ...

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  5. Repaint Bug has struck again!

    by , 08-17-2008 at 04:49 PM (Rantings of a Radio Operator)
    I've decided to do another repaint! This time, it's purely fictional. I'm currently painting a Christen Eagle, the one from Long Island Classics. Here is the fuselage at the moment:

    It's coming on quite nicely and I'm improving it all the time.

    Updated 09-02-2008 at 07:35 AM by dobar

    Random Rantings
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