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  1. 5 Tips To Thrive as a Flight Attendant

    Every career has its pros and cons, but some, such as being a flight attendant, present unique challenges. Flight attendants not only must cope with a constant change of location, but they also must learn to prosper in one of the most stressful environments there is: the airport. Airports are full of long lines, cranky passengers and the latest germs. How can a person in this line of work learn to thrive in his or her circumstances? Consider several pieces of advice that may help you as a flight ...
  2. 6 Ways To Make Your Flight More Comfortable

    Taking a trip on an airplane can be extremely stressful for a number of reasons. Many people get motion sickness, dry skin irritation, fear of flying and more just from taking a short commuter trip. These issues can be exacerbated the longer your flight is. This is not to say you should avoid airplanes. They are an extremely efficient and amazing form of transportation. Getting from point A in your home city to point B halfway across the world is much faster when you are flying than if you had to ...
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  3. How Airports Are Keeping Clean and Staying Open

    Airports are one of the most difficult structures to clean.
    Their massive size alone makes them particularly challenging. Just imagine what it takes to clean a 300,000 square foot space with nothing but glass walls…and that is only in a single terminal! Add to it thousands upon thousands of people passing through 24 hours per day, and you have a very unique sanitization situation.
    Fortunately, there are many things staff and cleaning crews can do to keep airports clean and safe to ...
  4. Pilot Safety Tips You Need to Know

    Many people dream of flying, but few put in the time, effort, and money to make their dream a reality by getting a pilot's license. Once you obtain your license, you must remain vigilant about safety before, during, and after every flight. Otherwise, your dream could quickly turn into a nightmare, both for yourself and any passengers that you may have with you in the aircraft. The following are important safety tips for pilots of all experience levels.

    Maintain Constant Communication ...
  5. How Airlines Make Flight Safe

    While it’s commonplace these days, it wasn’t all that long ago that flight was thought to be impossible. Even today, there are many factors working against aircraft, and much of airplane design is based around trying to overcome otherwise insurmountable forces. Here’s what you need to know.

    Air Traffic

    While the average person doesn’t have to consider the logistics of air traffic, that’s only because the problem has already been addressed. The traffic into and out ...
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