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  1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    I flew sims before the real thing that was a long time ago! I'm active with my local EAA chapter so I hope other flying opportunities will present themselves once the world returns to normal again.
  2. gmurray56's Avatar
    Hey, Nels, I feel your pain. I hope you get the chance to keep flying, even if renting. I flew the computer before I ever flew a real plane. (I couldn't land the computer consistently until after learning to for real.) Now, the virtual world is the only place I fly. Thanks for your dedication to this site. Maybe a future Capt. Sully or Maverick will get started here.
  3. jetdogy's Avatar
    I hope you keep in touch with the new owner I would. I'm so sentimental
  4. herryjone's Avatar
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  6. Alma Dely's Avatar
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