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  1. Grob109 Motoglider

    This was probably my favorite airplane to fly. Turning off the engine after climbing to altitude is a real thrill. I found a file for FS2004 from a site in England and installed it on my “new” refurbished computer.

    I start on the ground in Georgetown, Texas (KGTU). While not the most beautiful plane of all, the Grob 109B has a certain look, with the long, long wings and tiny tailwheel. The cockpit looks familiar and functional. I start down the runway, and there is no dancing ...

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  2. ILS Bremerton, WA

    I never really enjoyed flying IFR; I got my instrument rating because that was the next logical step. Once I got it, I seldom used it. This is a recreation of one of the times I flew IFR just for fun.

    I start on the ground at Bremerton (KPWT) in the PA32. I set the weather for “fogged in”, then tune the NAV1 for the ILS and the NDB using the info from the map. The fog is thick, but the runway lights are bright. I don’t bother with the Seattle tower, I just launch into the clouds. ...
  3. Instrument Intro

    How to recreate flying “under the hood” on the simulator? (The hood or “Foggles” is a vision limiting device to keep the pilot from looking out the windshield.) I decide to go to the virtual cockpit view and tilt down until the windshield is not visible. However, I tilt back up for take-off.

    I start in the Cherokee 140 at Austin Mueller. Looking at the radio stack, I can’t figure how to set Nav1 for a VOR, but this flight is more about unusual attitudes than radio navigation, ...
  4. Giant Volcanoes

    I have flown above and among mountains, but a few are MOUNTAINS. The super massive volcanoes of the Pacific coast dwarf everything around them. I have had the privilege of seeing several close up (but not too close up.) I have recreated these encounters from my logbook.

    Mt. Shasta: I depart from Red Bluff, California (KRBL) and turn to heading 340⁰ on my way to Washington. I climb and climb at 80 mph, eventually leveling off at 8500 feet. (My original goal was 10,500 but I get tired ...
  5. Texas Mountains

    I was raised on the coastal plains of Texas, where a highway overpass was the highest elevation for miles. However, all of Texas is not so flat. There are rolling hills of pine forest in the east, the Hill Country with sweeping vistas in the middle, and actual mountains in the west. Here are some recreations of flights to explore the bumpier parts of Texas.

    Enchanted Rock is a large, pink granite outcrop north of Fredericksburg. I depart from Gillespie County airport (T82) and head ...
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