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  1. The Barefoot Pilot: Paulis Appuhamy

    (Based on an article by Roger Theiderman in the Sunday Times of Sri Lanka)

    Sri Lanka, or Ceylon as it was called at the time, gained independence from British rule in 1948. 1952 was the last year of office of its first Prime Minister, D. S. Senanayake. It was still a country steeped in the decades of the colonial ‘norms’ and recreational aviation there was the pastime of the elite, or a certain ‘class’ of society.

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    Approaching ...
  2. A Cat and a Spitfire

    Recently I tried my hand at making two short YouTube videos to visualize two of the flights from In a Moon’s Course, my flightsim ebook about the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). So I thought I would share links to them here.

    The first video ‘A Cat for Sullom Voe’ is one of my favorite scenic routings – a flight in a PBY ‘Catalina’ flying boat north from Greenock, a key centre for Catalina ferry deliveries, to Sullom Voe in The Shetlands.

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  3. British Commonwealth Pacific Airways, Canton Island to Honolulu, 1946

    From departure to landing these days the position of a modern commercial aircraft is known accurately and tracked on each journey; technology, automation and certainty have replaced manual calculation, radio-navigation and estimation. At the other end of the spectrum not that long ago, trans-Pacific flights had to cover oceanic distances of 6000-7000 nm with travel stops at small islands en route for refueling.

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    BCPA DC-4 at Canton Island
  4. Dan-Air Skyways … revisited

    I like web sites dedicated to airlines that no longer operate – they provide images of aircraft you don’t see any more and, better still, the stories and camaraderie of former staff bring out how involved and proud they were of their jobs and the service they provided. A good example is the Pan-Am site Everything Pan-Am.

    There is a similar site for the airline Dan-Air which is less well known outside Europe, I suspect, than Pan-Am, but relevant to me as my first flight was in a ...

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    Aviation History & Flight Simulation
  5. Whitey Dahl's last flight

    Harold Evans ‘Whitey’ Dahl was, to use an understatement, a colourful character. Born in Illinois in 1909 he graduated as a pilot from Kelly Field in Texas in 1933 and served with the USAAC. Trouble with the law seemed to follow Whitey throughout his flying career and around the world, largely due to aircraft or cargo disappearing.

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    profile of route used, developed with Plan-G software

    After his US military service ended (under ...

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