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  1. Maine

    Eastport-Houlton: To continue on my journey to the Northeast corner of the U.S., I left the Atlantic behind and headed 355 degrees. Even though the ocean was behind me, there was still plenty of water all around. At 2500 feet, I was higher than any terrain in my path, but I could see individual trees below. Much of my route was in Canada, as shown by the St. Stephen airport identifier (CCS3) when I flew over. Canada out the right window looks just like Maine out the left. The lakes began to be fewer ...
  2. Northeast U.S. Coast

    Long Island-Montauk-Block Island: My next flight was again in daytime. I departed Long Island McArthur airport in the Cherokee Six (PA32), leaving the New York City skyline behind. I continued along the island, all the way to Montauk. It is most certainly a long island, at around 100 miles. It was interesting to see green and brown below the plane, with blue on either side. From the tv show The Affair, I had gathered that Montauk is isolated. The view from the air confirmed it. I wasn’t quite ...
  3. 4 Tips For Preparing to Go On a Long Distance Flight

    If you've only flown short distances, flying might be something you consider a breeze. Just pack a magazine and a snack and you'll be fine for a couple of hours. But flying long distances, sometimes 12 hours or more, is a whole other ballgame. You'll have to be prepared for the challenges, both physical and mental, of your journey. Here are a few tips for making your next long-distance flight a little easier.

    1. Buying Your Ticket
    When flying on an average two to three-hour ...
  4. Washington, D.C. to New York

    Washington D.C.:From Norfolk, Virginia, I flew the Cherokee Six to Reagan Airport in D.C. Once again, even though I knew there was a lot of water in the area, the extent of shoreline was surprising. The approach into Reagan follows the Potomac River, and the national monuments were easily visible, but I decided to land and go sightseeing the next flight.
    For my tour of the town, I thought something low and slow would be the way to go, so I opted for the Wright Flyer. (I don’t really have ...
  5. Southeast U.S. Coast

    I have decided to fly the FS2004 from Florida to Maine to complete the 4 corners of the continental U.S., and then from Maine to Illinois to complete the circumnavigation. I plan to use only prop planes that I have flown in real life; to disregard airspace restrictions and communication; to not use slew; to go only as far as I feel like flying at the time; but, always to attempt to complete a flight with a landing.

    Ocala-Jacksonville: The first leg was from Ocala, Florida northeast ...
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