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  1. What Happens When You Get Injured at Work?

    Finding yourself laid up with a serious injury can leave you not only in pain but strapped for cash. When the injury was caused by another's negligent behavior, it only makes matters worse. Whether suffered at work, in an accident or otherwise, a personal injury can be traced directly back to an at-fault party. It means that the injury was preventable if the other person had taken the proper measures to prevent it. Find out what happens if your injury happens at work, and your employer was the negligent ...
  2. Ready for Something New? Here are 5 Reasons Why Truck Driving Could Be Right for You

    Have you hit your limit with your current job? Are you feeling unfulfilled, bored or as if you're lacking direction? It's never too late to make a change, especially when it comes to something as important as your career. When you're ready for change, sometimes the best plan of action is to try something that holds the promise of fresh opportunities. Truck driving fits the bill here and has proven to be a wonderful career for thousands of hard-working people. Read on for five reasons that could ...
  3. How Airlines Can Cut Costs

    Running an airline is a tricky business, requiring flexibility as the needs and number of passengers fluctuate over the years. It can be tough to predict financial stability in such an environment, so it's up to airlines to find ways of cutting costs without sacrificing their customers' satisfaction and safety. Here are a few ways airlines are saving money to preserve their financial futures.

    1. Automated Tasks
    From boarding pass kiosks to office management software, many airlines ...
  4. How To Keep Busy During A Layover

    Flying is something that has become a staple way of traveling all over the world. Whether you get an airplane to see a friend, do some sightseeing, or go to work, there’s someplace you need to be. One of the challenges of flying though is the fact that you may find yourself stuck in the airport with a layover. Instead of wasting your time moping, here are a few things you can do to pass the time.


    You should never be in a layover without your phone and computer. ...
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  5. 3 Ways Pilots Can Increase Mental and Physical Energy

    Being a pilot allows you to travel and meet new people. It also teaches you about time management, weather patterns and resource management. This extraordinary profession can literally show you the world, but there are also many challenges. Pilots work long hours across multiple time zones. This leads to fatigue of the body and mind. It is extremely important to be sharp and focused at all times when you have people's lives in your hand. An emergency can happen at any moment, so pilots need to be ...
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