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  1. Flightsim Meets Real Aviation

    This is the time of year here in New England that I start thinking about outside aviation activities in addition to flightsimming. This past weekend I attended my first aviation event of the year, a little open house at one of the local airports. Even small events have their little pleasures (in addition to the hamburgs and hot dogs!) and this one offered a look at the Terrafugia Transition, the roadable light sport aircraft. I've seen the really is a car that flies (or a plane that ...
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  2. Single Login Is Here

    This month FlightSim.Com completes another major upgrade: single login. For some years now we've had a situation where FlightSim.Com was almost like two separate web sites, with one registration (login name/password) required for the file library and a second registration required for the message forums. We're not the only site that has this problem, but it is confusing for many people.

    The problem is that the file library software and forum software are written by different people ...
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  3. Nothing. A GA light, and heli...

    Keeping my flight sim real, by taking a break, its
    more like being grounded.
    But I'm going to do some low altitude VFR around Birmingham/Cocventry tomorrow, (probably FS9)

    I saw a single engine GA flying flying over my house today, and a helicopter.
    -I sarcastically applauded. hehe

    Really weird, we get some sun, and a fairly clear sky, and volcanoes erupt, sending ash into the sky.
    Murphy's law... Pardoning the pun.
  4. Well...

    As promised here I am.
    Today I tested the IFDG A320, in Thomas Cook livery.
    I just flew out from Manchester and back.
    I liked the model/tetxtures, and panel, seems more realistic (compared with my Pay wear abacus, but the gauges are too small. to see properly. So I still Prefer the abacus panels.
    I can live with that.

    But what really let it down was the fact that a (in my opinion) Major detail was Overlooked:
    When I landed and set reverse thrust, ...

    Updated 04-11-2010 at 03:18 PM by HAWKEYE784NG

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  5. Today....

    I joined flightsim uk.
    Virtual Airline.
    Picked Thomas Cook as my main airline.
    Downloaded the IFDG A320
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