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  1. 1st Flight/ 1st Recreation

    First Recreation
    C150 SX-BDG (FSX)
    From: KHYI (San Marcos, Texas)
    To: Local
    Landings: 1
    SEL: 0.6 hours

    First Flight
    September 9, 1988
    C152 N67892
    From: T98 (San Marcos, Texas)
    To: Local
    Landings: 1
    SEL (Single Engine Land): 0.8 hours
    Remarks: Intro to aircraft, climbs, straight and level, descents, turns
    Dual: 0.8 hours
    Total: 0.8 hours

    I am once ...
  2. Logbook/ Virtual Logbook

    Pro-Log: I have always been fascinated by flight. As a kid, I made plastic models from kits and hung them from my ceiling. I flew balsa wood gliders and the ungainly rubber-band-powered prop planes. I read books about pilots and planes, and even cut out pictures from magazines. However, I never had the opportunity to even touch a real airplane until I was almost 19, and flew my first commercial flight from Houston to San Antonio for basic training in the Air Force. My face was plastered to the little ...
  3. You Never Know What You'll See At Your Local Airport

    Smaller airports can be fun to visit as you never know what will fly in. My local airport has a weekly drive-in / fly-in event once a week during the summer so it gets lots of cool cars as well as some fly-ins. You might see an ultralight or an old Cub fly in, or one week it was a Lake Amphibian. When I drove in for this week's event, though, something quite unusual had arrived:

    It looked like ...
  4. Flying Computers

    In the U.S. a pilot's license is good forever but to actually be able to use it there are various additional requirements, one of which is a flight review every two years where you go out with an instructor and demonstrate that you still know what you're doing with an airplane. My review was due this month and given that I had not flown all that much over the past year I asked to do a more thorough review than the regulations require.

    Today we were scheduled for the second flight ...
  5. Wiley Post … and a Caterpillar 15 tractor

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Edmonton City Airport (CYXD), once known as Blatchford Field, was the first licensed airport in Canada. It ceased operations in November last year. Years ago I travelled on a Canadian Regional flight in and of the airport and later I found myself there travelling on client corporate Citation V jets. It was superseded by the Edmonton International airport a little south of the city. CYXD was an airport a stone’s throw from the city centre.

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