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  1. Cessna 172: FSX v. FS2004

    It dawns on me that I have the Cessna 172 on both programs, and can recreate my real C172 flights on both platforms and compare the experience. I start with the FSX at Austin Mueller and head for Taylor, just a few miles to the north. Everything seems normal, except the long take-off roll and some ground handling difficulty. The settings were the same I have been using, with brown and green out the window, generally identifiable landmarks, and sparse buildings. After landing, I reset the graphics ...
  2. Air Combat USA! Marchetti SF260

    This was an unusual entry in my logbook, a chance to play “fighter pilot for a day.” To recreate the flight, I reluctantly looked at the video again. Reluctantly because, even though I had 400 hours by that time, I did not do that well. It just was not normal to fly in unusual attitudes, even inverted, although the plane did it easily. The video was not that helpful; I heard departure heading from the tower and the altitude, but I could not really tell attitude from the horizon. Plus, this ...
  3. Battle For The Airfield

    This has been a good week for me being at aviation events. I previously reported on my B-25 ride and then the weekend comes and it's time for the annual "Battle For The Airfield" at the Collings Foundation HQ not far from where I live. Since 1979 the Collings Foundation has assembled a collection of classic cars, historic aircraft and more recently military vehicles. The large bombers tour all around the country, some of the other flybable planes are based in warmer regions than New England, ...
  4. Welcome to my Aviation World

    After all these years and I realize that I have a blog right here on Fllghtsim.Com. I've been a member here at FlightSim.Com for many years and, truthfully, I never knew this feature was here. What perfect timing too because I was actually trying to come up with subject matter for another blog site. (I have several personal blog sites now). What a treat this is...

    My name is J.D. and I've been a member here at FlightSim.Com since March of 2005. I've also been faithful to Flight Simulator ...
  5. Soup in Pago Pago

    by , 02-10-2011 at 12:14 PM (Earthrounder in a Bonanza V35B)
    February 10, 2011.

    Another beautiful flying day, The bonanza is all gassed up. I'm ready to go. This time the plan will take me to Pago Pago international, NSTU.

    Climbing to 6000 feet and heading almost due south with a course of 210, so I downloaded a flight planner that is called Plan G. I think this will fulfill all my needs for flight planner around the world. It connects and flight Sim and downloads all of the airports and navigation aids right into the planner. ...

    Updated 02-12-2011 at 07:20 AM by Tom

    FSX EarthRounder
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