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  1. Planyroo's Avatar
    Stories like these one are inspiring me to start piloting, I think I need to stop with buying essays online and start getting it done, thank you for sharing.
  2. jasondial's Avatar
    @theorenato There's nothing about this article that would lead any reasonable person to believe Nels has "NEVER" flown a plane. Much less to lead anyone to "really believe" so. Your comment is so wierd. Btw, flight simming is better than real flying because flight simming has never orphaned anyone.
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  3. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    You would be wrong then. That's my plane and I have nearly 1500 hours flying it. I love real world flying too, but sometimes the details involved in getting into the air are not so fun!
  4. theorenato's Avatar
    I really believe that this guy NEVER flown an airplane. I'm simmer. But I know what means a real fly. Actually I love to fly a glider. I love to fly an ultralight. FSX and others ara a marvelous world.I agree. But we cannot compare with the real fly. Bye.
  5. dris2's Avatar
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