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  1. Airline Security Means Safeguarding Everything About You

    As you might imagine, security is a prime concern of every airline around the world. This is not just a matter of keeping people safe but also a response to the world watching to see how well airlines manage security. From the very beginning of commercial flights 100 years ago, safety was the priority. Airlines and the government worked closely together to demonstrate to the American public that flying—clearly the fastest form of transportation—was also safe enough to be considered worry-free. ...
  2. Seven Tips for Getting a Pilots License

    Since young, some pilots have known that all they ever wanted to do was get in an airplane and soar high above the clouds. It seems they were born to fly. For others, the reasons are more varied. Some were inspired by a great trip and desire to become an airline pilot in order to see the rest of the world. Since the average airline pilot's salary is quite high, it makes the profession extremely desirable. Whatever the motivation, learning to fly is an expensive pursuit. Many private pilots who ...
  3. 5 Ways Airlines Are Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Every industry has felt some impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, but one of the most affected industries was air travel. Much of consumer air traffic was halted for several months of the pandemic, and the amount of travelers is still low compared to prep-pandemic numbers. Here are five ways airlines are coping during the pandemic.

    1. Adapting To Social Distancing

    Airplanes and airports aren't places where social distancing is easy to implement, but airlines have been ...
  4. Tips for Affording or Reducing the Costs of Pilot Training

    You’ve been dreaming of becoming a commercial pilot, but now you’re facing a problem: You don’t have the money to pay for the training and certification it requires. Are there ways to overcome that, besides the obvious one of spending years saving every penny you can? Yes, and a few such ways follow.

    Work for a Flight School
  5. Stay Healthy as a Pilot With These 3 Tips

    Each industry comes with its own set of health hazards that one must be aware of. You can, however, take the essential safeguards to reduce or eliminate those dangers. Pilots encounter a variety of physical challenges in the aviation profession. The good news is that most of the health issues that pilots face may be avoided with a little planning and knowledge.
    Knowing how your body reacts to various situations allows you to recognize when a problem is developing and take the necessary steps ...
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